Best Bing Rank Trackers

10 Best Bing Rank Trackers

While Google definitely dominates the SEO field, Bing isn’t to be disregarded either. If you want to have a solid strategy that gives great results, you’ll need a rank tracker that can check your Bing ranking. So, we checked why is Bing so important, what to look for in a Bink rank tracker, and which are the best rank trackers out there.

We all know ranking well in Google is important for any business that’s looking to survive and advance in this tough global market. However, other search engines are not to be disregarded either. This includes the well known Bing.

Believe it or not, advantages you get with Bing are lower competition, smaller costs, better conversion rates, and more transparency. We’re not saying Bing is more relevant than Google. Instead, we are saying that you have a chance to use an additional source of traffic, for a fraction of the hassle, and a fraction of the price.

Why would you want to focus on Bing?

Bing is underestimated – To begin with, Bing and Yahoo (powered by Bing) combined are what 30% of people use to search the internet. 

This is almost one-third of the global market that you’re not paying attention to if you’re only focusing your efforts on Google.

Bing demographic is different than Google’s – The profile of people who most frequently use Bing is different than the profile of those who are more likely to use Google.


According to research, people who use Bing are over 35, more likely to have kids, not too tech savvy, as well as students, Cortana users, and programmers. So, depending on which demographic you’re looking to reach, you should determine whether you need just one search engine or both.

Bing paid search will only grow – The paid search share of Bing is expected to continue growing as people who want to rank higher start shifting their focus to it. At the moment when so many marketers focus solely on Google, you can get a competitive edge simply by adapting to two search engines instead of just one. Furthermore, clicks in Bing are a lot cheaper than those in Google.

Lastly, Bing has one advantage over Google that you can utilize. Whenever Google updates its algorithms, companies struggle to adjust when their previously high ranking websites suddenly fall. You see, unlike Google, Bing doesn’t change its algorithms often. That means that when Google does change them, you won’t be caught by surprise, and you won’t lose all of your audience.

How does Bing differ from Google?

Now that you’re looking to optimize for both Google and Bing, you need to know that there are several important differences between them. However, those differences aren’t bad news for you. In fact, they are great.

  • Social media signals are important – so shares, tweets, and likes will directly affect a website’s positioning.
  • Traffic coming from Bing has a lower bounce rate. Additionally, people who come through Bing visit more pages, spend more time on the website and click more affiliate links. This is probably due to the fact that Bing has an older demographic.
  • Websites with media on them have better positions due to “entity understanding.” So, if you have a video, pictures, or music on your website, Bing will likely rank you higher than no-media websites.

How to choose the best Bing rank trackers?

  • User-friendly interface – You need a clean, simple interface. After all, you don’t want to pay to spend hours in a labyrinthine program insane with frustration. That’s why you should look for something that has an intuitive UI that you can learn to use in minutes, without memorizing formulas or watching endless tutorials.
  • Multiple search engines – If you choose to pay for a Bing rank tracker, it should at least be able to track results for two search engines. To put it another way, If multiple search engines are relevant to you, you definitely shouldn’t get a tool that doesn’t fulfill all your tracking needs.
  • Volume – How many keywords and websites can the tool you’re considering track is relevant, and you don’t want to have to pay extra for every new keyword. Instead, look for unlimited offers.
  • Competition check-up – Being able to check what your competitors are doing on the SEO field can help you a lot. Mark your competition, check out the keywords they’re ranking for and steal an idea or two if it’s working well.
  • Suggestions for new keywords – While you might not remember every potential keyword that’s related to the niche you’re working in, a good Bing rank tracker will. This feature will let you explore a lot more keywords and figure out the most effective strategy.
  • Website audit option – Since search engines don’t only pay attention to your on-page optimization, you need to check everything else as well. That includes the technical aspects of your website.
  • Reporting options – Remembering every detail is impossible, however, clients want to see our results for themselves. That’s why it’s important to have several reporting options. The Bing rank tracker you choose should at least be able to export results in CSV.

With all of these features and dozens upon dozens of rank trackers on the market, getting the best Bing rank tracker can be tough. So, we hope this will help.

This is our top 10 list of services that should help you find the ideal Bing rank tracker for your needs:

10. SEOBook

This website offers several free web-based SEO tools that can help you, including a Bing rank tracker. So, this isn’t a single tool that does it all, but a whole bunch that will cover what you need. If you’re just starting out with rank tracking, these tools are ideal. SEOBook offers them all for free, as long as you register a free account. However, there is a significant flaw – their extensions were made for Firefox only. Furthermore, because of one recent Firefox update, you can only use them if you download an older version of this browser or the Comodo IceDragon browser.

Bing Rank Tracker Features

  • Choosing local or international ranking results for Bing, and Yahoo
  • Saving presets
  • Scheduling tasks
  • Exporting results in CSV format

However, their other free tools can cover all of those features we said you should look for. They offer a keyword suggestion tool as well as a keyword list generator.

Bing Plans and Pricing



  • Free web-based Bing rank tracker
  • Has additional free tools that you can use
  • Simple to use


  • No competition tracking
  • No website audit option

9. Ezee Rank Tracker

Ezee Rank Tracker has been gaining popularity recently, and it isn’t unfounded. Namely, this tracker is fast, efficient, and it always gives accurate results. However, it does have its flaws. It’s vulnerable to hackers, and you have to buy proxies in order to use it, because search engines may block you if you don’t.

Bing Rank Tracker Features

  • This Bing SERP checker tracks how a website is ranking in every search engine
  • It offers both mobile and desktop rank tracking
  • It also offers Unlimited URLs and Keywords
  • Ranking movements alerts
  • Ranking info for Yahoo and Bing
  • Daily PDF reports

Bing Plans and Pricing

There are three available versions of Ezee Rank Tracker.


$19.99 – The Pro monthly version offers the use of their Bing rank tracker, an overview of unlimited keywords and projects while providing project insights and alerts.  Also, you get white-label reports, social signal tracking, rank change notifications, and custom SERP range for rank tracking.

$99 – Ezee Rank Tracker Pro Lifetime License offers the same features as the Pro monthly.


However, you only have to make the payment once, and you get to use the software forever.


  • One payment – a lifetime license
  • Friendly and reliable support
  • You can add projects and keywords to existing tasks and track if the changes made an improvement or no


  • Rank checking has to be run manually
  • Vulnerable to hackers
  • Have to buy proxies

8. Bing Webmaster Tools

People who just now decided to add a Bing keyword tracker to their “toolbox” should definitely try this out. So, if you’re already paying for a Google tracker, and you’re not 100% certain a Bing rank tracker will pay off, this free option is your new best friend. In fact, Bing Webmaster Tools offers a wide range of options that make it one of the best, if not the best Bing rank tracker for beginners. Bing Webmaster Tools offers an SEO analyzer, keyword research tool, keyword planner tool as well as many others. Although these tools offer free basic options, the UI is complicated, and you will need some time to learn how to use it without getting lost all the time. However, once you get used to it, this free toolbox will come in handy.

Bing Rank Tracker Features

  • Keyword suggestions
  • You can check Bing ranking for free
  • See how your paid keywords impact performance.
  • Check how well your ads are ranking compared to those of your competitors.

Bing Webmaster Tools doesn’t offer an overwhelming amount of options, but it does offer a large help center with relevant information on what you should pay attention to and what you should avoid.

Bing Plans and Pricing



  • Free
  • Monitors indexation and crawl performance
  • A vast knowledge base that will help you get acquainted with Bing’s rules


  • Complicated to use
  • Tools are separated, they aren’t all in one place
  • No reporting options

7. Advanced Web Ranking

This is a platform that boasts about being the longest standing rank tracking tool. It provides fresh rankings weekly, daily, and on demand. Furthermore, it’s accessible from any device, and you can track ranking results for as many search engines as you want. However, it does have several flaws that we heavily dislike, such as the keyword limit that exists even on the most expensive plan, and a UI that looks modern but isn’t very intuitive.

Bing Rank Tracker Features

  • Offers accurate rankings across Bing and all other search engines, languages, and SERP features.
  • Localization options
  • Whitelabel reports
  • User management
  • SEO reports
  • Developer API
  • Backlink tools
  • On-page analysis
  • Site audits

Bing Plans and Pricing

There are four plans available for this tool, and for each, you can get a free 30-day trial. Of course, each plan offers different features, but the most important ones can be found in every AWR plan.


$49/month – Starter plan offers 2.000 keywords per month, local and mobile rankings, analytics and search console, SERP features. Also, it offers competitor insights, advanced reporting, white-label reports, and user management.


$99/month – Pro plan comes with all the same features as Starter, except for the fact that it offers 7.000 keywords per month.


$199/month – Agency plan has all the same features as the previous two, but offers 14.500 words per month, hourly updates, developer API, as well as data migration.


$499/month – Enterprise plan is meant for big data. In addition to all of the features from previous plans, this one offers 35.500 words on a monthly basis and a dedicated account manager who will actively work on improving your SEO and performance.


  • All SEO tools in one place
  • In-depth rankings reports
  • Competitor analysis


  • The price
  • Keyword limit on all plans
  • Exporting and filtering functions need improvements. However, the process isn’t always as intuitive as it should be

6. Moz

Able to track keywords across several search engines, this Bing rank tracker is very useful.  In fact, you will be able to track Google, Google Mobile, and Yahoo as well. The UI looks impressive although it isn’t so easy to use, reports are easy to understand, and the tool itself is satisfyingly fast. However, when we consider what they’re offering, their prices seem a bit steep.

Bing Rank Tracker Features

  • On-page element research and search engine result pages
  • Moz’s SEO Insights give you useful tips on what you need to do next, from content recommendations based on your Bing target keywords, to top priority issues on your website that need an urgent fix.
  • Scheduled and branded reports you can send to clients.
  • Every user gets access to Moz’s Q&A forum where you can ask a large community for help when you get stuck.

Bing Plans and Pricing

Moz offers four different plans, and the logic is the same as with other rank tracking tools – the bigger the plan, the better the options, and all plans include 24-hour online support and one on one onboarding.


$99/month – Standard plan includes five campaigns, 300 keyword rankings, 100.000 crawled pages per week, 150 keyword queries per month, 5.000 backlink queries, one link tracking list with 100 links, and scheduled reports.


$179/month – Medium plan includes ten campaigns, 900 keyword rankings, 500.000 crawled pages per week, 5.000 keyword queries per month, 20.000 backlink queries, 30 link tracking lists with 500 links, as well as scheduled and branded reports.


$349/month – Large plan includes 25 campaigns, 3000 keyword rankings, 1.250.000 crawled pages per week, 15.000 keyword queries per month, 70.000 backlink queries, 60 link tracking lists with 750 links, as well as both branded and scheduled reports.


$999/month – Premium plan comes with 100 campaigns, 10.000 keyword rankings, 5.000.000 crawled pages per week, 30.000 keyword queries per month, 100.000 backlink queries, 100 link tracking lists with 1.000 links, as well as scheduled reports.


  • Amazing rank tracking for multiple search engines
  • Competition tracking and keyword finding options
  • Ranking reports are amazing


  • The price
  • Database/crawler metrics are only available for the US, which means they are useless for anyone outside of the US.
  • Not as easy to navigate as other tools on this list

5. SEO Profiler

If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced Bing rank tracker, this tool is what you need. It has a pretty straightforward user interface, and it covers multiple engines. Namely, it works with Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Bing Rank Tracker Features

  • SEO website audit
  • Mobile SEO
  • Ranking Checker
  • Local SEO
  • Link analysis and link building
  • Ranking Intelligence – a nice way to say spy on competitors

Bing Plans and Pricing

All plans offer the same features, and the only difference is in the number of keywords you can check rankings for, the number of page audits, projects, and users.


$69.95/month – Standard plan offers 500 keywords daily, 20.000-page audits, ten projects, one user


$99.95/month – Smart plan offers 1.000 keywords daily, 50.000-page audits, 50 projects, five users


$249.95/month – Professional plan offers 2.500 keywords daily, 150.000-page audits, 150 projects, 15 users


$999.95/month – Enterprise plan offers 10.000 keywords daily, 750.000-page audits, unlimited projects, unlimited users


  • Wonderfully easy to use
  • You can try out the Smart package for $1
  • Has a free version


  • No live chat support
  • Professional and Enterprise plans are rather expensive

4. Ranktrackr

Intuitive and slick, this rank tracker has a wonderful user interface. Ranktrackr supports Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Bing. What’s most important to us right now, is the fact that this is an accurate Bing rank tracker.

Bing Rank Tracker Features

  • Competitor analysis
  • Advanced filtering – filters your keywords to show you which are having the best results
  • Local tracking
  • Report export in PDF and CSV
  • Historical overview that shows rankings on a graph and allows you to rewind SERP results.

Bing Plans and Pricing

For this rank tracking tool, the price directly reflects the number of keywords and websites you want to track. Specifically, there are four basic plans with basic features, and they range from $7.5/month for 50 keywords and five websites, to $57.5 for 1000 keywords and 100 websites.


On the other hand, there are five Pro plans that have the basic features, plus API access, white label reports, and sub-users. There range from $82.5/month for 2000 keywords and 200 websites, to $357.5/month for 10.000 keywords and 1000 websites.


  • You can set up weekly reports that compare keyword rankings from previous weeks
  • Rank tracking in Bing and YouTube
  • Retrieves data from search engines to make sure its ranking data is completely accurate


  • Limited number of keywords and websites
  • Doesn’t automatically track rankings, you have to run it
  • You are only able to pull rank tracking data for one client at a time

3. SE Ranking

One thing you’ll notice as soon as you enter the SE Ranking website is that they brag about being 100% accurate. Well, according to their satisfied users, they aren’t lying. In fact, their Bing rank tracker is among the best of the best. Their tools are simple to use, their results are fast, and their range of plans covers every knowledge level.

Bing Rank Tracker Features

  • Keyword rankings for all locations, all devices, Bing, and all other major search engines.
  • Competitor tracking.
  • Flexible report generator.
  • Backlink checker provides a complete list of backlinks of any domain you choose and analyzes it against the 15 most important parameters for SEO.
  • Website audit that lets you eliminate SEO mistakes.
  • Marketing plan option that provides SEO tips relevant to your site analysis results.

Bing Plans and Pricing

While they do offer many options, SE Ranking still bases their prices mostly on the number of keywords, websites, and backlinks you can check ranking for.


$7/month –Personal is the cheapest plan, it only offers 50 keywords, five websites, 1000 backlinks for monitoring, and website audits for 5000 pages. Other than that, it offers backlink explorer, on-page SEO audit, competitor research, marketing plan, and the flexible report generator.


$39/month – Optimum offers 250 keywords, 10 websites, 25.000 pages, and 5.000 backlinks. It comes with all the features Personal has, plus SMM management and analysis and sub-accounts.


$89/month – Plus gives you the chance to track the ranking of 1000 keywords, unlimited websites, 25.000 backlinks, and to audit 150.000 pages. Next, to all the features we previously mentioned, it also offers white label reporting and page changes monitoring.


$189/month – Enterprise comes with 2.500 keywords, unlimited websites, backlink monitoring for 75.000 backlinks, all the features other plans have, and one big difference – access to API.


  • Competitive prices
  • Social media options that are not standard for rank tracking software
  • 14-day free trial that requires no credit card


  • Some tools can be a bit confusing
  • You can’t import keywords from websites you already added
  • According to some users, customer support could be better

2. SEO Power Suite

This Bing rank tracker checks all the right boxes in our book. It’s reliable, and its users love it, it checks Bing ranking along with Google and Yahoo and other 327 search engines. Rich in features and not too pricey, this Bing rank checker only needs to fix several small issues to climb to place no. 1 on our list.

Bing Rank Tracker Features

  • Unlimited keywords is something you rarely see in rank checking tools, and yet SEO PowerSuite offers just that, as well as unlimited websites
  • Access to cloud storage can make sharing reports a lot easier
  • Site audits that tell you exactly what and how you need to change to improve ranking
  • Scheduling tasks
  • Generating and exporting reports
  • Downloadable software that you can use to analyze your keywords even when you have no internet

Bing Plans and Pricing

Differs depending on the plan you choice.


$0/year – Free version comes with unlimited websites and keywords, advanced SEO features, integrated external data sources, and it works on any operating system.


$299/year – Professional version has all the features the free one does, plus the ability to save projects, access cloud storage, and schedule tasks.


$699/year – Enterprise version pulled all the stops. Not only does it have everything the previous two do, but it also comes with a PDF exporting tool, keyword research, site audit, and rankings reports for your clients.


  • User-friendly UI
  • Competitor tracking is available for all versions
  • Able to work offline


  • If your computer isn’t strong enough, the experience might be slow and glitchy.
  • Four separate programs don’t have a unified dashboard to give you an all-in-one report.

1. Authority Labs

And here we are, by user reviews, the definite number one on our Bing rank tracker top 10 list. Authority Labs has the most user-friendly UI we’ve seen among rank trackers that include Bing. This all-in-one toolkit is perfect because it neatly packed all the relevant features in one nice software. Anyone can use and benefit from it – beginner, intermediate or advanced marketing professionals. We love their honest approach – they put everything out there, for everyone to see. That’s why we know that they return data on freshly added keywords within 30 minutes.

Bing Rank Tracker Features

  • Track results by postal code, city, country, language or search engine.
  • Shows which words are driving traffic to your website so you can plan new content and improve pages that aren’t performing well.
  • Tracks mobile rankings
  • Tracks your competitors
  • You can schedule monthly or weekly reports
  • Daily ranking data for all of your keywords, plus a full ranking history
  • Many customizable reporting options

Bing Plans and Pricing

$49/month – Plus plan that’s meant for small businesses. It can track ranking for 250 keywords, 50 domains, offers local and mobile tracking, daily updates, reports, and unlimited users.


$99/month – Pro offer gives you 1000 keywords, 100 domains, all the features the previous plan has, plus white label reports.


$225/month – Pro Plus plan offers 2500 keywords, 300 domains, and every other feature that previous two plans have.


$450/per month – The Enterprise plan is meant for agencies. It can track ranking for over 5000 keywords, unlimited domains, it has interface API access, and all the features other plans have.


  • 30-day obligation-free test to see if you’ll like it or not.
  • A powerful Bing rank tracker with a simple, intuitive interface
  • Keyword historical data


  • No unlimited keywords
  • API access only for the most expensive plan