10 Cheapest Rank Tracking Tools

When your budget is on the low side, and you still need good SEO, you have to find a way to pay little and get a lot. What we have here is a list of cheap rank trackers that will do the job without emptying your bank account.


If you own a small business, or you’re just starting out with search engine optimization, spending hundreds of dollars on a rank tracking tool can seem like a waste of money. And it is. You still don’t need thousands of keywords, or dozens of features – that comes when after your business has grown a little.


Finding a good rank tracker can be difficult enough. However, finding a good and cheap rank tracker can be nearly impossible. If you decide to try and find a cheap rank tracking tool that has the lowest price per keyword, you might be disappointed.


The cheapest cost per keyword is less than a cent, but, unfortunately, that price is reserved for huge, enterprise-level plans that cost at least $500 per month. And you definitely don’t want to spend that much on a plan.


So, what should you do? Find a cheap rank tracking tool that has all of the options you need, and then choose the one that suits what you have in mind best.

But, which options should a cheap rank tracker have?

  • Keyword volume – the more, the better for you, especially if you’re just starting out. Of course, with cheap plans, you can’t count on hundreds, but the difference between 20 and 100 keywords can be crucial.


  • Reporting options – you want to be able to analyze your data thoroughly, and to export it at least in PDF or CSV. If you can find a tool that also allows you to customize those reports, even better.


  • Competitor analysis – the best way to start on the right foot is to check out how others in your niche did it. Once you figure out what they are doing right, getting some ideas of your own will be much easier.


  • Premium features – the cheapest rank tracking tools usually offer super-affordable plans with one goal; to make you want to upgrade. That’s why they usually put in a few premium features along with the basic ones. So, when you’re choosing which cheap rank tracker you’ll get, consider which premium feature can be of most use to you. Is it YouTube rank tracking, social, white label reports, backlink monitoring, or automated directory submission? Once you determine this, picking the best tool for you will be a breeze.


We tested dozens upon dozens of inexpensive rank tracking tools, and we know what works well, and what doesn’t. So, we compiled a list of our favorites that might help you out.

Top 10 Cheap Rank Tracking Tools

10. AntRanks

We would like to begin with AntRanks – the cheap rank tracking tools a lot of people would recommend. The company behind AntRanks has been giving us a chance to use their inexpensive tool since 2014. With headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia, this company has so far helped out thousands of people in their daily SEO needs. And, lastly, the thing that most people find to be very impressive – they have excellent customer support. The team is very responsive and incredibly helpful, no matter when you contact them. Overall, AntRanks is definitely worthy of your attention if you are looking for a cheap rank tracking tool that you can use for almost all of your SEO tasks.

The cheapest plan – Basic, for $19/month

Their cheapest plan comes with 700 daily checks, and, at only 19 dollars per month, one would say that is very inexpensive. Also, this desktop tool will let you check the results for Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Furthermore, you will have access to unlimited geolocations, unlimited projects, unlimited competitor comparisons, and unlimited users. It also lets you analyze the search engine presence for a top100 list of your competitors.  

9. Siteoscope

Ever since this state-of-the-art rank checker appeared on the market, they’ve been setting trends. Siteoscope is a cheap rank tracking tool like no other. Their tool is an all-in-one tool that will cover all of your search engine optimization needs. It analyzes all of the relevant metrics and recommends actions you can take to improve performance, structure, and SEO. This San Francisco company made a tool that’s known as the Swiss army knife of site tracking, and they aren’t showing signs of slowing down.

The cheapest plan – Starter, for $9.99/month

Siteoscope clearly states which plan is best for which users. In this case, their cheapest plan is best for local businesses and business owners with just one website. All of their plans have scheduled reports, social signals, backlink analysis, malware check, on-page analysis, and email support.


The Starter plan comes with up to 35 tracking credits (keywords). With this basic plan, you can also check 3 of your competitors, which is a handy feature. And, last, but not least, Siteoscope gives you the chance to include your business’ Facebook and Twitter account.

8. SerpFox

Founded in 2010 in New Zealand, this company was made thanks to the dedicated work of a team of developers. Their goal was bringing visibility to search engine algorithms and rankings and making ranking simpler. After testing their tool, we have to say they succeeded at their goal. This keyword tracker was clearly constructed from the ground up to make our lives easier, and it’s a pleasure to use it. The user interface is simple, features are numerous, and ranking info is accurate. That’s all we need from a cheap rank tracking tool.

The cheapest plan – Starter 100, for $10/month

This plan limits you to 100 keywords per month, but that’s the only real limitation it comes with. It can track rankings in any location you need, and it can track ranking depending on the platform you choose, whether it’s mobile or desktop. You can schedule your reports, customize, and export them in PDF.

Another useful feature that comes with this plan is premium support, which means that the SerpFox team will be ready to lend you a helping hand whenever you find yourself in need of assistance. Oh, and let’s not forget about the last feature – you can create notification rules so that you get a warning when important changes happen in your ranks.

7. IntelliSerp

IntelliSerp is an American-made tool that takes great pride in the USA origin. And, rightfully so, it is one of the best cheap rank trackers in the world. The main characteristics of this platform are the crisp and user-friendly interface and the ranking accuracy it offers.


And, as you would expect from a USA-based company, they offer incredibly customer support. You can contact them via live chat at any moment you might need them. The customer support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. And, on top of that, they even offer a 30-day money back guarantee, which is a rarity in this industry. Also, their rank tracking software is compatible with most mobile devices.

The cheapest plan – Bronze, for $9.99/month

If you are trying to save up some money, or you simply don’t need that many keywords, you should opt for their Bronze plan. It will set you back just shy of $10 a month. However, you can get a discount if you purchase the plan for a year, and end up paying only $99.99 for the annual plan. This plan offers 60 keywords, 3 websites, 5 updates per day (on demand), and text and email notifications.


This powerful platform offers an array of useful features. That includes backlink monitoring, keyword insight, Adwords CPC, historical charts, and many other features.

6. SerpYou

We will continue our list with a company that comes from Vilnius, Lithuania. Ever since the year 2014, SerpYou has been providing an excellent cheap tracking tool to everyone who needs it. Their fully optimized rank checker works in over 180 Google regions.  With this tool, you can stop wasting your time and resources on complicated research. Instead, you can easily follow your positioning with every change you make and identify the methods that work. A cheap rank tracking tool might be the thing you need to get your website off the ground.

The cheapest plan – Bronze, for $9/month

Once the free trial expires after 15 days, the cheapest plan you can get is their bronze plan. And, if you subscribe at least three months in advance, the subscription cost drops to just $7 per month.

With those seven dollars, you will get to check up to 50 keywords and unlimited websites. You will be able to check your rankings each day and conduct high-quality competitor analysis. Furthermore, their Google search console and Google analytics both offer invaluable insight into the world of SEO ranking. This plan also lets you create automated reports, and it will provide you with keyword suggestions, should you need them.

5. SheerSEO

One of the best, but unfairly ignored, this cheap rank tracking tool has a lot to offer. SheerSEO was created in 2006 by Eyal Aldema, an honors graduate of the Tel Aviv’s open university. He made the entire tool on his own, with a goal to automate the SEO analysis process. SheerSEO has made it their goal to provide tools that will make this easier and more effective. That’s why they keep rolling out new tools and updates for this tool. SheerSEO is accurate, very simple to use, and loaded with all sorts of useful features.

The cheapest plan – Light, for $7/month

As every basic plan, this one offers the bare minimum of all features. However, we have to say it’s quite enough for someone who’s just starting out. The Light plan comes with 20 keywords for each of the main three search engines – Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It also offers CSV and PDF reports. We like that this cheap rank tracking tool comes with a handy directory submission feature that lets you automate the process of submitting your website to numerous directories.


Next to these features, this plan comes with the SheerSEO basic features, such as search engine rankings, on-page SEO tools, social metrics, backlink analysis, and amazingly fast client support.

4. RankTrackr

This rank tracker was founded in 2011, before rank trackers were so widely used, and before everyone knew what SEO is. However, being among the first on the market did not make this Slovenian company lazy. They keep updating their tools, working on their accuracy, and improving the user experience. When you start googling best rank trackers, they will inevitably pop-up, however, when you look for cheap rank tracking tools, they won’t. It seems that people don’t really know that this tool isn’t just amazingly versatile, it’s also more than reasonably priced.

The cheapest plan – Micro, for $9/month

When it comes to RankTrackr, even the cheapest plan has all the premium features. Local rank tracking that can pinpoint the location of your choice is just one of them. It also comes with report scheduling, historical overview, email reports, advanced filtering, competitor analysis, and numerous customization options. Although these are more than enough to make RankTrackr an amazingly useful tool, you can also easily export your keyword data to handy CSV or PDF reports.

Add to all of that 50 keywords and 5 websites that you can track, and you’ll realize that this Micro plan isn’t so tiny after all.

3. SERPCloud

Although their English isn’t quite excellent, the services they’re providing definitely are. Founded in 2014, this cheap rank tracking tool offers a cloud-based ranking solution that’s ideal for beginners in SEO. According to their users, SERPCloud is amazingly simple to use, error-free, and high-quality. When you compare all of the features they’re offering, to their prices, you will see why people are so thrilled with their services. Even better, this Pakistan-based rank tracking tool pays close attention to what their users have to say, and implement all good suggestions that can improve their tool.

The cheapest plan – Lite, for $7/month

The only thing this plan is light on are keywords. Yes, you only get 50 keywords for search engines and 10 for YouTube, but, having keywords for YouTube is already a significant advantage. When it comes to features, SERPCloud made sure you have everything you need. Regular updates, advanced report export, and schedules, and white label reports are all there to make this tool better to use, and easier to track. You get backlink tracking features, social stats, SEO metrics,  a full archive, and API access. Rank tracking for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex has never been cheaper and simpler.

2. Wincher

When Wincher was launched in 2014, no one expected much from it. This cheap rank tracking tool came with a few features, and a few bugs, so no one made much fuss about it. However, they took every critique seriously and made the necessary changes. Now, this is one of the tools with the best functionality we’ve seen. Wincher is now able to deliver fresh ranking reports, and follow ranking changes over time. Adding keywords and domains is simple thanks to their modern user interface. All in all, this company from Stockholm will only grow and improve its services.

The cheapest plan – 1 domain 100 keywords, for €6/month

Wincher has dynamic pricing, which means that they calculate your fee based on the number of domains you add to your account. The first domain is 6 euro per month and comes with 100 keywords.


When it comes to features, Wincher really isn’t stingy. They have daily ranking updates for your search engine positions, and for your competitors, because, of course, they also offer competitor tracking. This tool offers ranking alerts, easy sharing via social media, as well as data export and auto reports. You can even get customized PDF reports sent to any email address you want, once per week, or once per month.

1. SERanking

SERanking earned the right to be our number one cheap rank tracking tool. This company created an SEO tool that professionals all over the world claim is among the best, and they aren’t charging an arm and a leg for it. This company has offices in London, Palo Alto, Minsk, Kiev, and Moscow, and they have over 200.000 users. Of that number, more than 12.000 are small and medium businesses, and more than 4.000 are agencies. Their offer includes 35 tools that can cover each and every one of your SEO needs.

The cheapest plan – Personal, for $7/month

For this price, you get to track rank for 50 keywords and 5 websites. On those websites, you can do website audits for 5000 pages, and monitoring for 1000 backlinks.


A useful thing about this plan is the fact that it also includes the backlinks explorer feature, as well as keyword grouping, and competitor SEO and PPC research. Also, this cheap rank tracking tool offers several features others don’t – a marketing plan, a flexible report generator, and 1 on-page SEO audit.