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RankTrackr Reviews

RankTrackr – A Review

RankTrackr is a highly accurate web-based program that tracks your rankings on favored and most used search engines when various keywords are searched for.

This program updates you on your current search engine results page (SERP) statistics and provides a clear overview as well as a historical analysis of how your website ranking has improved.

You can also see how you compare to your competitors, which can give you a priceless advantage.

We’ve decided to take Ranktrackr for a spin and see how it fares to other rank tracking programs in terms of features, pricing, accuracy, and, ultimately, is it worth the investment?

Range of features 8/10

The main features of RankTrackr are:

  • Local tracking
  • Historical overview
  • Search volume
  • Competitor analysis
  • Client reports
  • Email reports
  • Report scheduling
  • Advanced filtering
  • Customization
  • User management
  • Tracking YouTube rankings

The most prominent features of this tracker are local tracking, search volume, and client reports.


Getting started

Using RankTrackr is relatively clean and easy. They offer a free trial, so you can test it out and see if it’s the right tracking tool for you, before you commit to a payment.

Once you have logged in, you are presented with a clear interface. But, before that, you have the option of watching their “getting started” video, that will give you the key information on what your first couple of steps should be.


This is an outstanding feature if you are an absolute beginner, and have never used a similar program.

Once you’ve watched the video, you can continue onto the real stuff – data input.

URLs and keywords

The interface is pretty straightforward and, therefore, easy to use. As explained in the video, you will first input your URL or multiple URLs of websites that you want to track keywords for by clicking on the Add URLs button.


Then, the program gives you further options – you can choose the search engine in which you want to track your website’s rankings. You can choose between Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google Places and YouTube.


It’s important to note that the option of tracking your videos and keywords directly on YouTube and not just on Google is an excellent advantage, as YouTube is the third most popular website. This is also a scarce feature, as many trackers don’t have it.

You can track the keywords ranking of your videos and find keywords that other videos use. This will give you a better picture of the search terms in use for finding specific videos.

Next, you’ll want to insert the necessary keywords. If you have inserted more than one URL, you’ll first have to select the one you wish to enter keywords for. You can do that by clicking on the Add Keywords button on the dashboard.


Now, adding and filtering keywords is one of the most prominent features of RankTrackr, as it allows you to track and rank keywords globally and locally.

And, when they say locally, they mean it! You can click on additional features and track keywords by city or even by district you are in or the ones you are trying to target.

This might come in handy to businesses looking for customers in their area.

Desktop or mobile device

In this part of the input process, you can also choose whether you want to track a keyword on the desktop or mobile search engines. This is an important feature, as search engines do not display the same rankings on different types of devices.

If you want to track your keywords on both desktop and mobile devices, you will have to type them in twice and check the “track keyword on mobile device” button every other time.

Depending on what pricing package you’ve selected, you can input somewhere between 50 and 10.000 keywords.

It’s important to note, that RankTrackr doesn’t track keywords automatically. Because of that, you have to insert all of them manually. It also doesn’t have suggestion options, as some other programs do, for keywords that you are already ranking for.


At this point, you can also choose to insert your competitor’s URLs to see how your rankings compare to theirs as well as what keywords they might be targeting.

You know what they say – you must know your enemy in order to defeat them! RankTrackr will provide you with helpful information about the competitor sites, which includes Indexed pages, Alexa Rank, and Google PageRank.

This can give you an approximate idea of how powerful your competitors are.


Dynamic and static groups


The left sidebar allows switching between results for YouTube and Google, thus segmenting each site into a static or dynamic group.

Static groups are basic groups for URLs and they don’t offer any filtering options. They are created by labeling your group with a name and then adding a URL.

Dynamic groups are virtual groups for URL and keyword organization, based on certain criteria you determine. Dynamic groups are created by labeling and adding an URL. They also allow you to choose which search engine you want to use and have the option of automatic filtering of negative keywords.


Within the keyword area of every group, you can use the settings bar to track your keywords and phrases by language and location.

Location setting options include tracking by city or by zip code.This can assist you if you are trying to find potential customers in a specific area.


Interface and overview

The interface is very neat and user-friendly, therefore, you can manage and monitor the changes in the ranking with ease.

Once you’ve added the URLs and keywords, and organized them into groups, if needed, RankTrackr can start gathering data. Here’s how your dashboard might look like after a day or two of data accumulation.


The account overview clearly displays the average position of the keywords, specific keyword positions and the progress or regression you’ve made overall.

Underneath this, the program will display the keyword overview that will let you dive further into deeper analysis.


On this displayed list of keywords you can see the overall status, but, most noteworthy, you can also customize it, so that it shows you whatever information you deem crucial.

That way, you can get the most important information in just a couple of glances.


The columns next to inserted keywords are customizable which facilitates easier analysis and selection of data. You have five columns at your disposal, and you can modulate them so they display:

  • current, previous or best rank
  • evolution
  • daily/weekly/monthly or last change
  • last update
  • date added
  • number of results
  • owner
  • search volume, local and global
  • average cost per click, local and global
  • organic rank
  • Google Places rank
  • Image carousel rank
  • location and language

1. Next to each column title, there’s an edit button that lets you change what the column displays.


2. Next to the columns, for each individual keyword, there’s a downward arrow that you can click on to choose further actions. You can delete the keyword, export data or preview SERP.

The current search engine results page (SERP) previews look like this:


In the clear graph you can see the evolution of a certain keyword ranking for a selected interval of time – previous week, month or three months.

Underneath the graph, the program displays organic ranking for 100 URLs for that keyword, while highlighting your domain ranking. This lets you know not only where you rank, but also where you rank compared to others and who your main competitors are.

Data export

Data is exported in PDF and CVS, and you can also add your own logo or other brand markings to the report. This is especially convenient if you provide SEO services, but, also a useful feature even for small businesses or blogs.


You can choose to receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports. You can also schedule the reports to be sent out at a specific time to you or your clients.

Additionally, user management is broad, as you can allow other people, such as coworkers, bosses or clients to access the data.

Tool performance 9/10

So, RankTrackr offers an abundance of features. But, how well do they perform?

Simply put – quickly and accurately.

This tool comes with a number of features that are constantly being updated and enhanced. It also has multiple daily refreshes of the gathered data as well as on-demand updates.

The relatively clear interface makes it easier for you to not only use it but also to understand your ranking evolution. That way, you can determine the next course of action when it comes to adjusting your SEO strategy.

Tracking in


  • Google Places,
  • Image Carousel,
  • Map results,
  • YouTube


is a great bonus, and grants more accuracy and precision to the process of rank tracking.

RankTrackr also provides options that allow you to quickly filter the area where you want to determine a website’s ranking. You can establish rankings by country, region, city, or zip code. Consequently, you can accurately reach your targeted audience.

Additionally, RankTrackr is web-based, more specifically cloud-hosted, and provides support for:


  • Windows
  • iPod/iPad
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Mac

Accuracy 10/10

RankTrackr gathers ranking data on your websites by 10 results per page, while many other rank tracking tools use 100 results per page. This result setting increases accuracy by 2.6 times, on average. RankTrackr claims their SEO information is up to 98 percent accurate.

This tool tracks organic rank positions of keywords daily. They update the database more often than a number of other tracking tools, which is truly exemplary.

User-friendliness 9/10

While RankTrackr does have a truly neat and user-friendly interface, some features might be a tad more complicated to understand, if you are a beginner in the world of rank tracking.

It’s easy to add and track your keyword rankings, follow their evolution and access the historical overview. But, dividing URLs and keywords into static and dynamic groups is the next level of know-how.

While it isn’t complicated, it can be confusing for novices. But, you can get a handle on it rather quickly.

On the other hand, it’s a fantastic feature for SEO agencies that have a lot of URLs and keywords to track. This feature makes organizing and dividing the keywords and clients a piece of cake.

Customer Support 7/10

RankTrackr offers support via email and phone. It does not, however, offer live chat support.

It should also be noted that the website doesn’t have a Q&A section, that you could browse in case of a problem or a kink. Should that happen, you would have to contact RankTrackr directly. They are very responsive to their clients, though.

Pricing 8/10

RankTrackr has a variety of choices when it comes to pricing. They offer packages for regular users and special, custom ones for large enterprises, thus, meeting everyone’s needs.

When choosing a pricing package, you can select to be billed monthly or annually, the latter being, of course, the cheaper option.


The packages vary in the number of websites and keywords that are at your disposal.

While it has a broad scalability, meaning everyone can afford their cheaper packages, there are cheaper services available out there. That being said, RankTrackr has an excellent quality-price ratio, considering the number of features they offer.

In summary

Final ranking: 8.5/10

This web-based rank tracker is a fine tool for anyone’s needs. No matter what the size of your business and rank tracking needs may be – RankTrackr can meet your demands.

As a result, this tracker has a very high level of customer satisfaction.

The advantages of RankTrackr are the great features, such as:


  • local keyword tracking
  • high level of customization available
  • good evolution overview
  • easy and automated reports
  • detailed competitor rank tracking report
  • YouTube rank tracking
  • Google place and Image carousel ranking
  • easy-to-navigate dashboard
  • REST API enables agencies to connect the application with third-party solutions

Of course, some flaws are inevitable. In this case, a lack of a Q&A page, as well as a steeper price per keyword can be added to the “con” column. Lack of a suggestion option for keywords and a lack of Google Analytics Integration option are also a disadvantage.

As with anything else, it seems like it’s futile to search for a one-size-fits-all rank tracking program. But, hopefully, this review will give you a small insight into whether or not RankTrackr might be the one for you.

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