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RankWatch – A Review

Keyword rank tracking is possibly the most important aspect of a good SEO strategy. No matter what your online presence is – whether you have a blog, a social media account or a website generating a lot of traffic – you must always be aware of your rankings.

Thus, rank trackers were born!

Rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs) can make or break your online business. It’s important to know not only how your websites rank but also how your competition is doing.

This will give you an upper hand when it comes to generating traffic and, subsequently, gaining more customers. Actually, that’s the ultimate goal, right?

  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Better SERP ranking
  • More revenue

Well,  admittedly, there are a lot of tools that can help you with that. When devising an SEO strategy, you have to be able to juggle a lot of stuff at the same time – keyword tracking, backlink monitoring, analyzing the content and so on.

So, you might be on the look-out for a program that can offer a helping hand and relieve you of your worries.

RankWatch might be the one you are looking for. It’s a globally recognized name that offers a lot of features with the goal of facilitating your SEO needs.

This marketing intelligence platform allows you to gain a bird’s-eye view of all the factors that could affect your rankings, thus affecting your business revenues.

RankWatch – saving the day, because life is hard enough…

…without worrying about all the aspects of the SEO process and executing it manually.

The promise this company gives is to make your life a little easier. Well, your professional life. They can do anything about the other stuff, you’re on your own there. But, when it comes to keyword ranking – they got you!

With a wide range of features and some additional tools that will spice up you ranking game, this cloud-based platform will keep an eye on all fluctuations in ranking, their meaning, and consequences.

Range of features 6/10

Whether you are an end user, a digital marketing agency or an SEO specialist – RankWatch can meet your needs. Take advantage of all their basic and additional features furthermore saving time and money.

We don’t say this very often, but RankWatch has everything you might need.

Although it’s hard to find a platform that will satisfy every necessity, this one might be close to perfect.

They offer:


  • rank tracking
  • website analysis
  • tracking of hidden keywords
  • tracking competitors
  • backlink analysis
  • CEO/Agency dashboards
  • sales prospecting

Now, we know RankWatch does keyword rank tracking, but, what does that mean, precisely?

RankWatch has a very sleek website, with an abundance of information available. On their “Feature” page, you can explore what they offer, as well as get a quick preview of how to use each feature by clicking on the corresponding icon.

The specific features are:

01. Keyboard archive allows you to allows you to go back to any date and check out how the Google search page looked like, thus facilitating re-confirmation of your rankings.

02. Keyword suggestions – RankWatch doesn’t restrict you to the number of keywords you can track on your account, but rather encourages you to track as many of them as you can. That’s why they suggest keywords you might have missed:

  • long-tailed keywords
  • similar phrases
  • city-specific results

03. Tracking competitors – This is pretty self-explanatory. You need it – they offer it. SEO is all about being on top. So, if you aren’t, you have to know who is, and how to beat them.

04. Trigger email alerts – automated email notifications whenever there is a fluctuation in your ranking. You can further specify the frame of fluctuation and set the alerts for changes in one or however many more ranking spots. The choice is yours.

05. Advanced reporting – reports in Excel, CVS, and PDF format, that you can send from virtually any page or step in the process of ranking is an amazing feature. You can also schedule and customize them.

06. Precise, city-based tracking – get the geo-specific results for thousands of cities.

07. Google Analytics integration – integrate your Google Analytics account in order to get a well-rounded rank tracking experience.

08. Low hanging fruits – identifying the hidden opportunities, the keywords you might not be optimizing for but that are ranking well.

RankWatch is available on:


  • Windows
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Android

RankWatch works with additional software and apps:


  • unbounce
  • clever zebo
  • StoreYa
  • LinkRisk
  • OKtopost
  • Sendible
  • Lander
  • SnapEngage

Tool performance 9/10

This myriad of features sounds great, but how well do they perform?

To find that out, you really have to try out the platform. Now, they do have a 14-day free trial, so you will have plenty of time to test out all their features and options, to see if they are the right fit for your needs.

That’s indeed what we did. So, our adventure on RankWatch started by selecting the free trial option.

Getting started

On the starting page, you can see a big green button that says “Start my free trial”. You just need to provide some basic info and an email address, and you’re all set.

Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you can start inputting information. The starting page looks like this:

Now, as you can see, all your options are clearly laid out, and easy to understand:

  1. There are three steps in the information input process – adding the website, adding the keywords and, finally, rank tracking. Simple!

 2. Marked number 2 is the space where you should input the domain name (in other words, your website URL).

 3. MarkUnderneath you can add the name of your project. This will help you keep track of various projects and also provide a faster and clearer overview.

 4. Next, you’ll select a search engine. It doesn’t hurt to mention that RankWatch has the widest selection when it comes to search engines. You can choose between Google, Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing, Google Mobile, Baidu, Baidu Mobile, Yandex, Seznam, Naver, and Naver Mobile.

This really puts RankWatch head and shoulders above other popular rank trackers, at least in terms of search engine selection.

 5. In the same way, you can select any country in the world for your rank tracking.

 6. Once you’ve done that, click on add an engine, and the selection you’ve made so far will appear underneath. You can do this multiple times and choose the engines and countries (and the combinations of both) you wish to track for. Here’s what we chose:

 7. Finally, you can customize the settings and turn several options on or off. Those are subdomain tracking, city-based tracking, and prioritize local over organic traffic. This can further specify and specialize your search.

What increases user-friendliness further is that each of these options has an info button next to them. If you hover with your cursor over it, a short text with a brief explanation will appear.

Adding keywords

OK, so, now would be the time for step two – adding keywords.

After you’ve provided all the information in the previous step, and clicked on the “Next” button, this page will appear:

When inputting keywords, there is another selection of options to choose from. You can:


  1. Add keywords manually
  2. Add multiple keywords
  3. Upload keywords via CVS file
  4. Import keywords from a Google Analytics account
  5. Import keywords from a Google Webmaster account

Now, because we choose the free trial, the software limited the number of keywords available to just 10. However, that’s enough to get a better picture of how the program actually works.


The free trial will also limit the volume of all of the features, but, you will be able to try them all out. Or, in other words, you’ll get a taste of them. For a full experience, you’ll have to commit to a payment.


It makes sense, of course, as nothing in life is free, especially things that will help you make money.

Dashboard overview

So, once you’ve added your keywords, you will be presented with a very dynamic dashboard, that might be a tad overwhelming.

However, on the left side of the panel, you can easily navigate through different features and tools this program offers :


  • dashboard
  • ranking overview
  • keyword overview
  • link center
  • competitors
  • hidden opportunity
  • research
  • analytics
  • reports

Each of these options will send you to a separate page.


While this doesn’t offer the opportunity of getting all the crucial information in just a couple of glances, it does help with transparency and organization.


Specifically, the dashboard itself holds all the information on most of the features. You can navigate and scroll through them.


But, the layout is a bit overwhelming, with the data constantly updating and loading.


Honestly, it can be confusing as the data is separated and combined, all at the same time. Maybe we are nit-picking here, but the layout of the dashboard lacks in formatting, in our opinion.


Still, it doesn’t lack in function, which is the most important thing.


On the dashboard you can edit or add projects and keywords, as well as access the alert manager. The alert manager lets you know if you have any trigger email alerts.

You can also access the account settings page on the dashboard.

Ranking overview

On the “Ranking overview” page, you will get the gross information about your average as well as specific ranking.


The information will be displayed in the graph form, and you can consequently choose between a bar, line or an average ranking graph. You can also customize and adjust the graphs to your specifications.

On the top of this page, you can check the Alexa and Google index, as well as the backlink count.


Alexa rank is a rough measure of the website’s popularity, taking into account the number of visitors and the number of pages viewed on each visit.


The Google index is the total number of pages indexed by Google. These options give you the opportunity to get a quick overview of how your website currently ranks, and you can easily keep an eye on any fluctuations.


This page offers a review of how many keywords went up or down (the positive and negative impact) since the last time you checked up on them.

On the keyword list, you can get a clear picture of the rank for each keyword, as well as manipulate the options regarding them.


The list shows the current rank for each individual keyword, as well as the additional rank, which is the local rank, rank for videos, images, news, ads, and answers. This is an amazing bonus feature, since it allows a quick preview of the content your website is ranking for.


Besides that, the list will also display the initial and highest rank, search volume and the page score. Page score is a number generated with the use of the Website Analyzer, available as a free tool on the RankWatch website.


You have the option of integrating your Google Webmaster account, so the list displays the data gathered there, as well.

Keyword overview

When you select the “Keyword overview” page, you’ll be presented with a drop menu, where you can choose one or more of your existing keywords.

Once you select a keyword, an overview for that particular keyword will appear in the form of a graph.


There, you will have the information displayed for each individual keyword, and you can easily navigate between them.

This overview displays information on current and additional rank, search volume information as well as the option for searching for related keywords, in the upper right corner.

Here you can see similar keywords that you are not tracking for as well as their estimated search volume. You also have the option to automatically start tracking them.


The keyword overview has an additional feature, and that’s the keyword archive.


The keyword archive allows you to go back to any date and check out how the Google search page looked like, thus facilitating re-confirmation of your rankings and serving as a verification of some sorts.

In this feature, you can also choose the search engine for which you wish the archived list to be displayed for. You can choose between the option you selected in the first step of the setup.


You can also navigate via a drop menu, and easily switch between the keywords. This makes verification much easier, as it’s separated from the other data, but it doesn’t open in a new window.


Opening the verification search lists in a new window is a prominent feature of many rank tracking programs, so a different approach to it is a plus for the RankWatch.com.

Link center

Link center ranks the number of backlinks to your website and to your competitors’ websites.

This is a very prominent feature of this tracker and provides access to extensive information and data. It gives an overview of top landing pages, top linking domains as well as top anchors and links by country.


The page “Competitors” allows you to view who is your main competition, organic and paid, and if they have paid ads for the keywords you are targeting.

By selecting one of your competitors and clicking on the compare button, you can contrast your ranking versus theirs, and see who has more top keywords.

The fact that every information comes in the form of both text and graphs is very helpful in terms of visualization. On the other hand, lack of contrasting colors can be a bit underwhelming and monotone, as you can see.


But, the function is awesome, and it allows you to measure your website against the competition and see which one dominates.

Hidden oportunities

This is a truly rare option. It shows you the “low hanging fruits”, or hidden opportunities you missed. Here you can see the keywords you haven’t included in your keyword lists but that are ranking well.


In this field, you can access the Website Analyzer, a tool that’s a vital part of the RankWatch.com, which analyzes the entirety of your website – the SEO, mobile and social rendering, as well as speed, traffic, and technology.

This is an extraordinary tool, and, the best part is – it’s completely free. You don’t even have to have an account on RankWatch, so, if you want, you can try it out anytime.


You can also access the Keyword Suggestion box, that will suggest similar keywords or phrases to the keywords you already have.


This page allows you to integrate your Google Analytics account.


While there is a separate page for accessing the report options, there is a button for exporting data on every page and beside every option on RankWatch.


The reports can be automated, send to third parties, like clients and bosses, and you can send them in PDF, CVS, and Excel format.


You can write the reports manually, make an adjustable template or schedule them, the choice is yours.

Accuracy 6/10

The fact that you can get really specific when it comes to local tracking, bodes well for the accuracy of RankWatch.com.


Easy to compare verification methods, that are available for each specific keyword, also affect the accuracy in a positive way.


However, some users have reported occasional mismatches in the global ranking. These reports are few and far between, but, even so, we just couldn’t give them a 10/10 mark.

The charts are accessible for each keyword you’ve added and the transparency does not decrease no matter how many keywords you’re tracking.


Next to every keyword, you have a little magnifying glass that you can click on to verify the listed ranking. When you do that, a Google search list will open in a new tab, and the current live position for that keyword will be highlighted.


Every feature is available in real time, which is a big advantage as it allows you to tweak your content according to trends and movements on search engine ranking lists.


The simplicity of the layout means faster navigating and updating. Still, you can view and analyze anything on display. This contrast is not easy to achieve, which is probably why SerpBook is a leader in their field.

Customer support 10/10

RankWatch doesn’t have a live chat support. You can contact them via the support option in the settings menu, that will allow you to send a ticket to the support staff.

User friendliness 9/10

As far as user-friendliness goes, RankWatch is kind of all over the place.


On a positive note, most of the options have an info button next to them, that will provide users with the crucial information on what that option is supposed to do.


The steps of getting started and adding the data are also very well explained.


On the other hand, the crowded and dynamic layout can be confusing and overwhelming. It takes some getting used to.


That’s not all, the page loading can also be slow, possibly due to too much information held on the pages.

Pricing 8/10

RankWatch offers reasonable, but not cheap, prices that are scalable and can be adjusted to your varying business needs.


Not only can you choose between different packages, but you can make a custom package for yourself, based on the number of keywords you need.

It’s important to note that this platform offers a free 14-day trial, that will allow you to try out all the options, but that will also limit you in terms of the volume of those options.

Final ranking: 7.7/10

Overall, RankWatch is an excellent intelligence platform that will meet more than just your rank tracking needs. It deals with SEO on a holistic level and offers solutions for every aspect of it.


There are some features and options that are a definite major selling point for this platform.


A huge selection of search engines

✔ The option of creating reports at any point in the process

✔ Very graphic presentation of data, easy to visualize

✔ Affordable, scalable prices

✔ In-depth analysis of your website

✔ Tracking and comparing your website rank to your competitors’

✔ Tracking of hidden keywords and missed opportunities

✔ Keyword archive

✔ Precise local tracking


There are, however, some downfalls to be considered:


 Occasional mismatching and a hit-or-miss accuracy

➖ Sometimes has a hard time recognizing specific information (like obscure locations)

➖ Lacks a powerful knowledge base and in-depth data

➖ Can sometimes be slow while loading pages or inputting data

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