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SerpBook – A Review

One of the leaders in the market of rank tracking is SerpBook, a simple and well thought-out tool. With SerpBook you can easily and very quickly see how your website or content is ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines, and also see how the ranking changes over time. Forming an SEO marketing strategy and propelling your rankings will be infinitely easier with a tracker like SerpBook. Now, that all sounds nice, but, the question is – how do you use it and what precisely can it do for you?

Range of features 6/10

SerpBook is a very effective tracker, but it doesn’t support as many keywords and domains as some other trackers. While it offers a wide range of features, it might lack some more sophisticated tools such as rank tracking your competitors and comparing their rank to yours. Still, it offers a variety of features:

  • tracking keywords globally
  • tracking keywords locally
  • keyword suggestion
  • organizing your clients into categories
  • dividing your keywords into categories and subcategories
  • exporting data to Exel and PDF
  • tracking YouTube videos
  • allowing a third-party to access the keyword data
  • daily reports
  • fast report creation
  • managing keywords in groups
  • easy verification

That being said, this is still a powerful system for rank tracking. While it may have some shortcomings, it will boost your performance and help you figure out which SEO methods might work best for you.


SerpBook Categories

When you choose to create a new category, you can choose between tracking keywords, Google Local Maps or YouTube videos. A nice additional feature is the option of rank tracking YouTube videos not only on Google but directly on YouTube as well. Keywords being tracked on YouTube will display a YouTube logo beside the keyword.

SerpBook YouTube

You can create a category for a single video or for a group of videos and also add the target keywords you need. This is not a common feature, as many trackers don’t offer it, so, it’s a big plus if you are considering purchasing SerpBook services.


You also have the option of organizing your clients into categories, if there’s a need for that. This makes sending reports and sharing data easier.

Keyword and domain settings

Adding keywords is simple. You can add as many as you want (or as many as your account will allow). Next, type in your URL, and, voilà – the magic of rank tracking can begin.

SerpBook Keyword and domain settings

The most important thing is the variety of tracking options SerpBook provides.


You can check how your website ranks for the keywords you imputed or you can get specific and check the ranking for one page or just one post by marking the “Exact” option, next to the URL.

SerpBook Exact

Another excellent feature is that when you type your domain, SerpBook will automatically give you suggestions for keywords you are ranking for. You should always try to track keywords that you want to rank for, and this suggestion box can help you with that.


This is an outstanding feature for beginners and users that aren’t rather familiar with the concept of search engine optimization and keyword tracking.

Desktop and mobile

Once you type in your keywords, you can choose between tracking them on Google desktop and Google mobile. This is a very convenient tool because search rankings aren’t the same on desktop and mobile engines.

SerpBook Desktop and mobile

You can also choose the region for which you want to do rank tracking. This is a big plus, as it allows you to track both locally and globally.

Reviewing the rankings

Browsing through your rankings is easy. Once you’ve added the keywords, SerpBook will start tracking them and show results for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can organize your keywords from highest to lowest ranking and vice-versa.


That means that you can get the information you’re looking for in just one glance.


Here’s how that looks:

SerpBook Reviewing the rankings

Not only that, but SerpBook will organize the gathered data into graphs and charts, so you can have a clear review of the progress you are making over time.

SerpBook Reviewing the rankings charts

The charts are available for a period of 30 to 365 days and there’s also the option of zooming in and examining a certain period as well as adding notes by clicking on the Add Notes button.

SerpBook Reviewing the rankings notes

Once selected, the note you create will appear throughout your charts and ranking lists. This is convenient if you are tracking certain keywords over a long period of time or if the rankings tend to fluctuate.

SerpBook Reviewing the rankings google analytics

However, it lacks certain advanced features, such as customization of the layout and display.


But, that makes the layout simple and easy to navigate. The especially relevant thing is, you can only use the tools you need.

Google analytics integration

SerpBook ranks easily with Google Analytics and lets you access the almost infinite pool of data, thus saving you valuable time.

Reports and alerts

You can create, customize and automate the reports on SerpBook. The reports are easy to make and regulate and you can also set up a schedule for emailing them.


In addition, there is an option of adding your logo or brand description to the reports!


Only the most important data is displayed straight away, and while you can go further into detail, you aren’t forced to look at data you might not understand yet. Again, this is especially important for beginners.


SerpBook also allows quick preview of alerts. This can give you a clear overview of how your rankings faired since you last checked on them.

SerpBook Reports and alerts

Tool performance 9/10

On the other hand, for experienced users, the abundance of features available is a big plus.


SerpBook is fast and accurate and gives you the opportunity to track your ranking wherever you are. It also has options like emailing data, exporting data in PDF and Excel format, as well as sending daily or hourly reports to you or your clients, team or boss.


SerpBook is very customizable. Rank tracking can be set up in a variety of ways:

  • tracking specific keywords
  • tracking specific keywords over time
  • displaying results based on your location
  • shows movements on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

The charts are accessible for each keyword you’ve added and the transparency does not decrease no matter how many keywords you’re tracking.


Next to every keyword, you have a little magnifying glass that you can click on to verify the listed ranking. When you do that, a Google search list will open in a new tab, and the current live position for that keyword will be highlighted.


Every feature is available in real time, which is a big advantage as it allows you to tweak your content according to trends and movements on search engine ranking lists.


The simplicity of the layout means faster navigating and updating. Still, you can view and analyze anything on display. This contrast is not easy to achieve, which is probably why SerpBook is a leader in their field.

Accuracy 6/10

While there are a lot of satisfied customers that use SerpBook every day, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any kinks. Some users have reported occasional accuracy issues.


This is especially true when it comes to global tracking. As it turns out, SerpBook uses mostly US proxies so the tracking on the global level might not be as accurate.

User friendliness 9/10

If there is any platform that’s user-friendly, it’s definitely SerpBook. It will never leave you lost or frustrated because it doesn’t require any expertise. This rank tracking software will not give you the runaround or overwhelm you with navigation links.


But, SerpBook is not just easy to use but easy to set up, as well.


You can customize it per your desires. If you have a small blog and, it’s simple keyword ranking you’re after, they’ve got you covered. If you are an agency and want a deeper analysis so you could optimize your content and make changes, they’ve also got you covered.


Tracking your progress and marking changes that you made to optimize your content has never been easier.

Customer support 10/10

SerpBook has an impressive support system in place for their customers. While it’s not very likely you’ll get lost or confused while using this platform if you do encounter any problems, their customer support service is very responsive.


They also have a help center, a sort of a Q and A page, where you can browse through posts and search for answers and advice.

SerpBook Customer support

You can also communicate with them on social media, and voice your excitement or concerns.

Pricing 4/10

SerpBook offers is the scalability of prices. This rank tracker offers 5 different pricing plans, and all of them are quite pricey for the features that you receive.


In the ever-growing industry that relies heavily on search engine optimization, having a reliable and efficient rank tracker is a definite must-have.


Registration process on SerpBook is simple, as is everything else. You must admire their consistency!


They also offer a two-week free trial after which you are obligated to purchase one of their monthly plans. One of the downsides is the fact that there are no free options or features after that period.


While this might deter some potential users, the level and the variety of service SerpBook offers surely justifies the price.


The pricing packages for daily updates are:

SerpBook Pricing

To summarize

Final ranking: 7.5/10

Whether you are an end user or an agency or a consultant, SerpBook can meet your needs. SerpBook is an easy to use, relatively cheap rank tracker. The advantages this rank tracker offers are:

  • simple to use and set up
  • easy to navigate
  • key information is easily available
  • incorporates data for all major search engines
  • easy to verify the data
  • easy to share
  • customizable
  • detailed analysis available
  • daily reports available

Of course, it also has flaws. No program is perfect, and SerpBook is no exception:

  • no pricing plans with “unlimited” keyword number
  • occasional accuracy issues
  • the free trial lasts only two weeks

Still, for a very affordable price, you will get a user-friendly, simple and customizable interface. The effectiveness and availability are, perhaps, unmatched in the field of rank tracking.

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