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No matter how far along in the development of your dream business you are, you have probably figured out that search engine optimization is the only way to the top.


Rank tracking is the key to the success of your online marketing strategy, whether you are an end user, an SEO expert looking to satisfy the growing client base or an agency with a steady business flow.


If you are on the lookout for a company that offers multiple SEO tools wrapped up in one and also an easy to use interface, might be the right choice for you.

They will help you track your rankings on:


  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube
  • Amazon


We decided to try it out, test all the tools and therefore see if it really lives up to its name of one of the best SEO tools out there. – the ninjas of SEO

The team at describes their platform as “the ninja suite of SEO tools”. Well, who doesn’t want a ninja on their side in the battle for the highest ranking spots? offers to give you the competitive advantage you need to succeed. They are well aware of which tools will be useful to you in the adventure of search engine optimization and offer no less than that.


Their main selling point is the all-in-one approach. They offer over 45 different tools, with a goal that you never reach for another provider again, as you have everything you need in one place – with them.


They also offer better project management, as they help you manage:

  • tasks
  • sites
  • clients
  • teams


Still, while the ninja angle certainly has a lot of appeal, it’s basically just banter until tested. So, that’s what we are doing today.

Range of features 10/10 is a very user-friendly, inclusive platform that offers a multitude of features and tools. This might be overwhelming to some, but, you can always choose to use only the features you deem crucial.


In addition, almost every feature is preceded with a short video explaining how to use it and what are the benefits of that feature.


There’s even a starting video, where a little ninja makes an appearance and tells you all about the platform. The video is a bit boastful and long, but informative, nonetheless. At the end of the video, there’s also a short demo on how to start your journey.

The tools provides are:


  • Keyword Research tools
  • Domain Research tools
  • Site Management tools
  • Rank Watching tools
  • What ranks where tool
  • Competition Analyzer
  • Site Reports
  • Site Explorer tool


These main tools all have a multitude of features at your disposal. We will go over most of them, specifically the ones regarding the rank tracking, and see how well they perform and what benefits they offer.


Some of the features are:

So, you can take your pick. Whatever you need, has got you covered. They also have some tools you might not necessarily need, but, they are easy to maneuver around thanks to the all in one command center.


There, you can easily navigate between different tools and features.

Tool performance 7/10

Getting started

Once you’ve logged in for the first time, you’ll be transported to the starting dashboard. There, you’ll need to complete 4 steps of information input to get started.

Every step is accompanied by a short video that explains the exact information you should put in. the videos are a bit outdated, as they show a different website layout, but the features and the steps are the same, they just look somewhat different.

1. Step one – Add project name

This is pretty self-explanatory – just type in the name you’d like for your project.

 2. Step two – Add site and keywords

In the tutorial video for this step, you’ll see which fields you need to fill in, and which ones are not mandatory.

It’s advised to fill in all the information in order to take full advantage of the tools at your disposal.

The mandatory fields are:


  • the site name and URL,
  • the main keyword,
  • additional keywords and 
  • the region you’re targeting


It’s important to note that more keywords can be added later, so you don’t need to worry if you skip some.


While this is a simple step, adding so much information at once can be, perhaps, overwhelming for some users. Seems like it might have been better if the “add keywords” portion was a separate step.

Here is how the information input panel looks like:

3. Step three – Connect with tools

While completing this step, you get to choose the main tools you wish to use. Don’t worry, you can always change your mind later if you’ve skipped an important one, or picked an unnecessary one.


This is the most demanding step, timewise. It’s also the step where the “user-friendliness” slips up a little. While you still have the video at your disposal, it’s rather long and you’ll need to go back and forth between the video at the top of the page and the tools available at the bottom.

The first two tools are:


Uptime Monitor – checks when your website is up and running.


Website Analytics – an alternative to Google Analytics, you can use it if you have niche sites and don’t want Google linking them together, for example.

You can check them or not, depending on what you need.

Rank Tracking tool

You will, of course, want to check this one.


All the keywords you’ve entered in the previous step will already be typed in, and you can also add more.


It’s important to note that you can only add 25 keywords per submission, but have multiple submissions at your disposal. This is a bit of a letdown, especially if you have a lot of keywords you need to track.

The Rank Tracker tool panel also lets you choose:


  • the search volume
  • search engines you want to track rank for
  • the period for automatic checks, data upgrades, and reports (every 2-15 days)
  • countries you are targeting

It’s important to note that you have a limited number of credits per tool at your disposal. This number depends on the price package you’ve chosen.


Everything you select in this panel affects the number of credits used. Consequently, the more frequent checks you choose, or the more countries you select to target, the higher the number of used credits.


This is an insurance system that provides quick verification that you aren’t going over the paid limit.


You can also buy more credits, without having to switch to a higher pricing package. For example, a 1000 extra credits cost $10 per month.

The rest of the tools that you can choose from in this step are:

Site Backup –

automatically backs up your Cpanel account to Amazon S3 servers. The advantage is that the data is not hosted on your servers, so, if you permanently lose your site, you can restore it.

What Ranks Where – 

a tool that allows you to see where your website ranks at that moment.

Backlink Profile Analysis –

pulls all your known backlinks, their page rank, age and Alexa rank. This provides in-depth information.

Inner Linking Anchor

 4. Step four – Add backlinks

The final step is adding backlinks. This step allows you to add backlinks and the tools check them to see if they are still indexed and if they are online and active.


You can just skip this step and continue to the dashboard, and add backlinks latter.


All right, now that the first 4 steps are complete, you’ll land on the dashboard. There, you can check out the tutorial video. It’s a bit lengthy but very informative.


On the dashboard, you can click on the “Site” button to add more domains and projects.

or on the “Tools” button to open the drop menu and easily navigate through available tools.

On the dashboard, you have plenty of options – manage the added sites, see site statistics, browse through your competitors’ ranks or backlinks profile.

You can also access all the tools you’ve checked in the previous steps.

Keyword research

The first tool available is the keyword research. This is an amazing tool, and you should definitely utilize it because it has a lot of features: 

  • Ultimate Research featuresearch for keywords you aren’t tracking. You can instantly discover new keywords that are profitable and that will also drive more traffic.

In addition, this feature is very fast. You only have to input one keyword and the program will give you up to 500 suggested keywords you aren’t tracking, in just a few seconds.

This feature will also give you information on traffic value, cost per click, and average monthly visits. Based on that, you can choose the best keywords to add to your tracking list.

  • What Ranks Where feature see where your website ranks in real time.

Here, you can enter some basic information and select what type of ranking you’d like to see – organic or CPC, and by position or by traffic.


This feature is also amazingly fast. It gathers a lot of data in mere seconds. The information you’ve typed in will result in a list of 20 keywords, pages on your website they rank for, as well as a list of additional information.

On this list, for each keyword, you can see:


  • position, previous position, and position difference
  • monthly search volume
  • estimated traffic
  • cost per click
  • traffic value
  • traffic cost
  • PPC competition
  • number of results


That’s not all. You can also click on the graph icon that’s located at the end of every column and see trends graph for that keyword.

Now, this is an amazing feature not only because you can use it for your website, but because you can use it to spy on your competitors. Since you have all this information on how they rank and with what keywords, outranking them will be an easy task.

  • Keyword Analyzerlets you analyze your competition. Just type in a keyword and a competitors website and see how they rank.
  • Long Tail Searchget keyword ideas from sources such as Google, eBay, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, and iTunes.

Rank tracking

The Rank Tracking tool offers several features. For all of the features within the tool of Rank Tracking, you can choose to add keywords manually, add the keywords you’ve entered before, in the previous steps, or have the program suggest the keywords.

Global tracking

When you enter the Global Ranking feature, you’ll be able to see a very sleek overview of how the keywords you’ve previously added rank, in the form of a graph and a list.

Here, you can keep an eye on total keyword number you’re tracking, as well as the press releases, YouTube videos, and Amazon keywords.


You can also change search engine results that are displayed and add more keywords.


If you scroll further down in the Global Ranking page, you can see which of your keywords are your biggest gainers and losers, and which keywords have the highest search volume.

Local ranking

Local tracking allows you to track keyword rankings in certain cities. Once you click on this feature, you’ll have to input keywords you want to track as well as the location.

Furthermore, you can choose whether you want to check mobile rankings, how frequent you want the check period to be as well as the country and the cities for your local search.


Keep in mind that all of these choices affect the number of credits you use.


You can first select the country and then you have a maximum of 5 cities to select to further specify your search.


However, keep in mind that not all cities are available for selection. For example, we’ve selected to track locally in the Netherlands, but, 2 out of three cities we wanted to select weren’t in the drop menu.

Instant Check

With this feature you can check your search engine ranking at that moment, in real time, hence the name.

You have the option of viewing the results within the next few minutes or hours. Just enter your keywords, choose engines, countries, and languages you are tracking for, and how fast you want the results.


If you choose the faster option, within minutes, you’ll have information on real-time ranking for the keywords you’ve typed in.

The result page will show you information on the rankings and search volume for each keyword. Furthermore, you can analyze every keyword by clicking on the magnifying glass located at the end of each column.


The in-depth data you will get with this feature is priceless because you can use it to tweak your SEO strategy and make it more actionable.

This option will give you information on the ranking factors:

  • search volume
  • PPC competition
  • cost per click
  • average ranking
  • social overview
  • average page authority
  • average trust flow
  • traffic value

Furthermore, you will see specific data that produced the above-mentioned averages. And, you can do this for every keyword!


You can use this feature to figure out an exact way to outrank your competitors. You can see each factor that affects the ranking and you can make changes according to each one.


Such in-depth data presentation is a rare feature and really makes a valuable tool.


You can also use the Keyword Analyzer tool as part of the Keyword tool.

YouTube tracker

YouTube is the 2nd most visited site on the internet, so, wanting to utilize it for professional advantage is not a surprise.


Often, people don’t even search Google, if they know that they are searching for a video, they search directly on YouTube instead. That is why it’s important to know your ranking on this platform.


Being able to track video rankings directly on YouTube instead of Google is a great advantage. You can also track the rankings of your competitors, as a way to stay on top.

You just have to add a video name and video’s URL. Once you do that, will provide you information on:


  • number of views, likes, and dislikes
  • number of comments
  • info in graph form


This will, furthermore, give you insight on where your video ranks inside the search engine. Then you’ll be able to add your keywords.

The keyword adding process is a bit more convoluted than before. You need to click on the “Action” icon at the end of the column and select the “View” option.


When you do that, information on the video will appear. Below that, there is an “Add keywords” button you can click on to add the keywords you want to track for in YouTube.

While adding keywords to the YouTube tracker, you can choose the search volume country and language, as well as whether or not you want to add the keywords to the Global Tracker, or just track them in YouTube.


Keep in mind, it takes a while to gather all the data.

Once all the data is gathered, you’ll be able to see:


  • position where your video ranks for each keyword
  • search volumerefers to Google search volume
  • PPC competition
  • cost per click
  • competitors


The row marked Competitors allows you to analyze the top 10 videos for each keyword you’ve typed in. Consequently, you can see who your competitors are and how they rank.

But, that’s not all. By clicking on the graph icon at the end of the column, you can also review the performance of your video in graph form over time, in terms of the search views, likes, dislikes, and comments.

Once all the data is gathered, and checked, you can always come back to the starting dashboard of the YouTube tracking tool and have a look at the overview.

The overview will show you all the crucial data on all the videos and keywords you are tracking on YouTube.

Amazon tracker

Rank tracking on Amazon, one of the most popular websites, is a rare feature. There is a great number of people who go directly to this site when searching for a product, so knowing your rank on it can be very valuable.


Amazon is the world’s largest shopping engine, and it has its own search engine, much like Google. How you rank on this website is vital to your, or your clients’, sales.


In this tracker, you can just add your products and keywords you want to see the ranking for, it’s that simple.


As we don’t sell any products on Amazon, we decided to give this tracker a try by tracking some Ninja toys, as is a ninja suite, after all.


Firstly, you have to create a new project.

Then, you’ll have to provide some information about that project:


  • name
  • Amazon domain
  • product ASIN
  • product category

Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to add some keywords. Just follow the same steps as in YouTube rank tracking.

Just like in the YouTube tracker, this tracker will display information on Amazon position, Google search volume, PPC competition, cost per click, and competitors. This tracker also has the option of displaying the ranking information in graph form and analyzing your competition, just like the previous tool.

Other features

In this review, we have focused more on the keyword analysis and rank tracking features of the, but, those are just two of many, many more. is a platform created by SEOs for SEOs, and, as such, includes all the tools you might need for compiling the best SEO strategy.

Some of the other tools are:

Domain research and finding

This tool gives you the opportunity to find, analyze and acquire the strongest aged domains. The focal point of this tool is, of course, the in-depth analyzing feature.


You can also run a very thorough backlink search and use that information to dominate the search engine ranks. Find exact-match, keyword-rich domains, analyze your competition, and so much more.

This tool offers an abundance of features:

  • Site Explorer
  • Bulk URL Analyzer
  • Backlink Explorer
  • Aged Domain Finder
  • Top Expiring Domains
  • Expired Scraper
  • Exact Match Domain
  • Domain Hacker

Site Management

Manage your site, projects, tasks and also teams with an all-in-one command center. Site management ncludes features such as:

  • Site Manager
  • Backlink Manager
  • Web Analytics
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Cashflow Manager
  • Site Backups
  • Goal Tracking

Reporting lets you create automated, scheduled reports, that you can also brand with your logos or other brand marks.


There is a multitude of other tools and features that this SEO suite offers, and for a rather reasonable price, we might add. See the pic below for more features.

Accuracy 9/10

Because it provides such in-depth data and performs on so many levels, the accuracy of this platform is off the charts.


Seriously, the data received is almost instant and so precise, because they integrate data from trusted sources such as:


  • Amazon
  • Moz
  • Semrush
  • Copyscape
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

and others.

Customer support 9/10

If you run into any kind of problem the customer support is there to help.


You can send a ticket with your questions or problems and get a reply within 24 hours, or you can search for a solution by yourself on the support page.


If that isn’t fast enough for you, you can also use the live chat button at the bottom right corner of the screen.


This live chat will also send you useful notifications from time to time and inform you of the new tools and features.

User friendliness 7/10

It seems like user-friendliness is a tricky criterion to judge this SEO platform by.


On the one hand, every step you take is followed by video tutorials, explaining the process in detail. These videos are also in the Support section as well.


You can’t get lost, at least not with the basic features. But, on the other hand, the process of SEO itself gets more complicated if you look beyond rank tracking and keyword analysis.


So, it’s no wonder the tools that deal with these factors are also more complicated. That’s when the user-friendliness starts to slip a little.


Also, as we mentioned before, the process of getting started is time-consuming and should have been divided into more steps, so the user doesn’t have to go back-and-forth between the videos and the information input panels.


But, honestly, this might be nit-picking, as the platform itself is relatively easy to use, clear, and easy to navigate.

Pricing 6/10

Compared to some other rank trackers we have reviewed, this one comes at a higher price than average. It also offers only two different pricing packages, which is a disadvantage, as it makes it less scalable.

Also, the credits that you have to pay if you go over the limits, are worth mentioning again.


But, when all is said and done, you just have to consider the number of tools, features, and options this platform offers. Compared to that, the price is more than fair. In addition, if you count in the precision and speed of data-gathering, it seems to be worth every penny.

Final ranking: 8/10

Finally, it’s undeniable that this SEO suite is a must-have tool for agencies and SEO professionals.


However, if you are an end user who’s just starting out in the SEO game, it might not be for you, due to the complexity of the features. You might not be able to utilize all of them, and, therefore, would be overpaying.


But, if you want to learn and achieve growth of your business, is the place to start, because it is all-inclusive.


The advantages are:


  • user-friendly
  • a multitude of tools and features
  • precise and accurate data gathering
  • easy-to-navigate dashboard
  • excellent price-supply ratio


Some of the disadvantages are the facts that it isn’t very customizable and that the selection of tools is so wide, it can be overwhelming. This can be especially relevant if one doesn’t know how to use them all.

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