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SERPWoo – A Review

Boosting your website ranking on SERP (search engine result pages) is the literal key to success in today’s market.


You can achieve that by optimizing your content so it’s more search engine friendly. SEO (search engine optimization) or organic search marketing is a process of adapting your online content so your target audience reaches your website easily.


The eternal question is, of course, how to achieve that?


Well, you can start by tracking your keyword ranking and analyzing which keywords will get you the best positions on SERPs. Also, you need to always keep an eye on your competition.


Being able to spy on your competition, thus always being one step ahead of them, should be the pivotal point in your SEO strategy.

And, that’s precisely what SERPwoo offers. Or, so they claim.


We decided to try this rank tracker out, and see how it compares with our previous experiences and how well it performs overall.

SERPwoo – a tracker with a mission

The mission is clear – balancing the SEO playing field.


The creators of SERPwoo had a vision while making this tracker. They wanted to create reverse engineering tools for SEO experts, online marketers and end users alike.


Their methods somewhat differ from the methods of traditional rank trackers. While it’s usual to track one domain across SERP to monitor current SEO activities for a specific keyword, SERPwoo tracks 20+ of highest ranking domains.


Here’s how that looks.

Nice, right? Not only aesthetically pleasing but abundant in crucial information as well!


As you can see, the information is presented in graph form, and available for the domains that rank in the Top 20 hits for your keyword.


SERPwoo monitors all those domains and gives you access to data analyzing tools, thus giving you an insight into how you could get on top as well.


This is priceless information, because, as you know, being in the top search results means generating more traffic which results in more paying customers.


And that’s your goal, no matter what business you’re in.

Range of features 7/10

As for their main feature, SERPwoo:

  • tracks
  • monitors
  • analyzes
  • saves

your keywords’ SERP archives.

They also pull social signals, 3rd party information and other, SEO relevant, data and display the information in such a way that you can get all the crucial intelligence in just a few quick glances.

The 3rd party data is pulled from:

  • Moz
  • Alexa
  • OpenLinkProfiler
  • NetComber
  • MoonSearch

This information is provided via quick, external links.

Their specific features include:

1. Quick glance

This feature is there so you could still get the impression of a traditional rank tracker.


Although SERPwoo claims they aren’t traditional and that they approach rank tracking from a “reverse engineering” standpoint, they still had to please their customers, and give them the old-school feel.

Quick glance feature allows users to see their data quickly and also view their domain (if it’s within the Top 100 search results).


This is a handy feature, especially if you have multiple projects and have to keep a constant eye on all of them.

2. SERP alerts

This feature serves the purpose of letting you know when there are any changes to your SERP niche. So, if new competitors enter your SERP, your domains drop or move or any other noticeable change happens – you will be alerted.

A message will pop out, and you can view your alerts by clicking on the “Bell” button in the top right corner of the dashboard.


This gives you insightful data not just about your keywords and domains, but about your competitors, as well.

3. ORM

Online reputation tracking is a rare feature, and, therefore, it makes SERPwoo close to unique. It tracks positive and negative ranking for your domains and for your competitors’ domains as well. It will notify you whenever something significant sneaks into the top 30 results.


You can keep an eye on your online reputation and also manage your domains and keywords by tagging them positive or negative and tracking their progress

The biggest advantage of this feature is the option of tagging your competitor’s domains. For example, tagging big name sites as commercial, (because you can’t really compete with them) will save you time. You don’t need to analyze their strategies and rankings.


You can tag other sites as affiliates and closely monitor their movements and activities.

4. Local SEO using GPS coordinates

You can specify your search by city, zip code, region or postal code, and SERPwoo will locally track your keywords by using GPS coordinates. This method increases accuracy.


Unlike other rank trackers, this tool allows you to view real organic Map Packs instead of “Google Maps” versions.

5. Mobile SEO tracking

This feature lets you easily switch from desktop to mobile device tracking.

6. Top 100 results

Monitors your domain within the Top 100 results of SERP.

7. Keyword research

You can research your keywords with the Keyword Finder tool, located in the left side panel.


This tool pulls your seed keywords’ related terms, the top 10 URLs ranking organically for that seed keyword, and then pulls each of the top 10 URLs’ rankings.


It pulls data from multiple sources, and you can also adjust your research by monthly traffic volume and PPC competition. Here’s how that looks.

It displays real-time information and 500 examples of similar keywords to the one you typed in. The list of suggested keywords shows you:

  • the source of the keyword
  • search volume
  • competition
  • cost per click

and allows you to start tracking the suggested keyword if you so choose.

8. SERP archives

SERPwoo not only monitors but also stores historical results for all your keywords. You can always access this data in order to compare your current rankings to previous ones.

9. SEO competition

Because this tracker monitors all SERPs for your keywords, you can easily track your competitors and their ranks. The dashboard shows you results for Top 20 domains for your keyword and their progress over time. Hence, you can spot new competitors without a hassle.

Tool performance 9/10

SERPwoo is easy to use and quick when it comes to gathering data. Their non-traditional approach provides immediate information on your competitors, thus allowing you to create strategies for top rankings.


The tools are designed to get you the upper hand and keep you on top. Competition research has never been easier. Since this is their main selling point, it’s no wonder SERPwoo has tweaked it to perfection.

Getting started

Getting started with SERPwoo is no problem. Once you have logged in, a Quick guide window will pop out, offering some starting information.

This guide lets you know the first step in your SERPwoo adventure – locate the Project Wizard to get started.


This tool is located on the left side panel.


The left side panel gives you quick access to the dashboard and the tools that are at your disposal.


Here, you can access the tools we have previously mentioned:

  • Quick glance
  • Alerts
  • Keyword research


You can also access all your projects and get a quick overview of all of them, thus gaining an insight into any important changes for all your projects in one glance.

Project Wizard

Once you locate the Project Wizard, you will have to complete 4 steps in order to get started.

1. Choose country

The first step is choosing the country you want to track for. You can choose from a selection of over 50 countries. More precisely, you can choose among over 50 Google domains.

Unfortunately, you encounter downfalls on the first step already. Not only is your choice of countries limited to 50, but this tracker only monitors Google search engine.


On top of that, they have clearly stated they have no intentions of expanding the number of search engines available. So, if you’re interested in how you rank on Bing, Yahoo or YouTube, you will have to search elsewhere.

2. Add keywords

The next step is adding the keywords you want to track. You can input keywords manually, one by one, or import them from an existing project or a list.

SERPwoo increases their user-friendliness by offering some tips throughout the process of getting started. 

3. Add domains

Adding your domain or multiple domains is as simple as adding keywords.

You can choose a new domain, if you are a first-time user, or input one from a previous project. This step also offers helpful tips.

4. Settings variations

During this step, you get to:


  • name your project,
  • choose whether you want the tracking to be done locally or not
  • choose the language
  • select the device (mobile or desktop)
  • choose between regular or ORM tracking

The regular option tracks Top 20 search results, while Online Reputation Tracking tracks Top 30 search results.


As a result of the data you’ve put in, the program will give you the estimated number of new keywords.

This estimation helps you keep track of the total keyword number, so you can adjust it to your chosen pricing package.


Finally, you get a brief summary of all the settings that you can look over, and then you can create your new project.

Data gathering

Once you’ve completed all of the steps above, the program will start gathering data. This process might take a while, depending on how many keywords and domains you’ve imputed.

When the data is gathered, you’ll get a notification, and afterwards, you can get straight to rank tracking!


In order to move between your keywords, domains, and projects you can click on the drop menus at the top of the dashboard.

When you select the wanted project and keyword, all the gathered info on them will be displayed.

The upper half of your dashboard displays information on:


  • Your domains
  • Negative tags
  • Volatility
  • Project movement
  • Top 20 search results in graph form


The graph shows information on the Top 20 search results for the period of two weeks. That way, you can see not only your progress but your competitors’ ups and downs.

You can choose to view the data in graph form for all Top 20 domains or for each individual domain.


That way, you can get a clearer picture of the overall rankings as well as specific rankings and movements of certain domains.

The dashboard also displays data in percentage form about volatility for the same period.

You can also customize the graph part of the dashboard, by changing the focus dates or adding notes.

You can also export your data in CVS and PDF format.


When you scroll further down on the dashboard, you get a quick information overview in list form for your domain or any other domain you select on the Top 20 search results list.

Here, you can see:


  • the ranking,
  • domain age,
  • Alexa ranking,
  • ORM tag,
  • URL and description
  • Social media mentions


If you scroll even further, you get to the good stuff – the spying material! That’s the 3rd party data on all the Top 20 domains that are in your SERP niche.

The data this list displays is very in-depth. You can check out:


  • Longevity – how long has the URL held a certain position
  • Positions – shows movement between ranks
  • “Whois” age – shows how old the domain is
  • Social media – shows the number of mentions, likes, and shares on social platforms like Facebook or Pinterest
  • Pagerank – current and up-to-date PageRank of the domain
  • 3rd party metrics – for Majestic, Alexa, and Moz.


The monitor-analyze-optimize strategy has never been easier.


Thanks to all the data gathered in one place by SERPwoo, you can monitor all your competition (which increases from day to day), and analyze their moves, see which ones are working and which aren’t and, consequently, implement that into your own strategy.


This is precisely what sets SERPwoo apart from all other rank trackers.


Apart from that, their focus on social signals – mentions on social media – is another bonus feature. While it’s true that social signals don’t necessarily influence the search results in a crucial manner, they do contribute to your rankings, so, it’s important to keep an eye on them.

Global stats

Another amazing feature is the Global Stats feature, that allows you to get an overview of global data (not just your own, but all SERPs data) available. This feature shows the global volatility metrics for the past two months, as well as volatility for individual countries.

You can also compare the volatility statistics for individual countries.

The greatest benefit of this feature is that it allows you to spot updates and fluctuations and also notice if anything major happens within the SERPs globally, or just in your country, that could change the outcome of the rankings.

Accuracy 8/10

SERPwoo has been praised all over the web for their accurate data. The option of locally tracking (by the city, zip code or region) by using GPS coordinates really increases accuracy onto another level.


But, that’s not all. They also offer “double confirm accuracy” feature. This feature allows you to utilize Google’s Ad Preview Tool, which shows the first page of results for a certain location.


With this tool, you can see how the users see unfiltered Google Ads for your specified location, thus confirming if your domain is indeed where your rank tracker says it is.


But, no program gets a perfect 10 unless they deliver all the goods! And, while the accuracy is indeed increased for the local searches, the selection of countries you can choose from before you can further localize your search, is slim.


You can take your pick between around 50 countries, so, if you want to track locally in a country not listed – you won’t be able to.

Customer Support 9/10

SERPwoo offers supreme customer support.

You have access to the live chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen, that you can use to ask questions or report problems.

There is also a support forum you can access via the main dashboard. The button for it is located in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

The support forum allows creators to communicate with customers, as well as customers to communicate amongst themselves. This page also serves the purpose of informing users on upcoming features.


This way, you can also send a ticket to customer support. If you have any problems, ideas, or just positive or negative feedback, you can send a ticket.

User-friendliness 8/10

While SERPwoo is very user-friendly, with helpful tips popping up everywhere and a live chat support button at your disposal, it is fairly different from other rank trackers.


Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Their rather non-traditional approach gives you insight other rank trackers simply don’t offer. But, the diverseness is what lowers the levels of user-friendliness.


The data SERPwoo provides is priceless, as it allows you to spy on your competitors and always keep the upper hand, but, it takes some getting used to. Also, you will need some training, or at least some prior knowledge, in order to utilize all the information SERPwoo provides.


After all, what good is all that information, if you don’t know what to do with it?

Pricing 6/10

SERPwoo has a very wide selection of pricing packages that mostly vary depending on the total keyword number available.

The prices are very scalable, so you can always adjust your package if your business needs grow.


All pricing plans include an unlimited number of domains, an unlimited number of projects, CVS exports, and PDF reports. But, it’s clear that the company is pushing you toward the pricier plans, as the free trial plan leaves something to be desired, and the cheapest option doesn’t give you entry to all the tools.


While it isn’t mandatory to have a free trial that allows access to all the features and tools, it’s a nice bonus users like us love to see.


Furthermore, if you give the option of browsing through your platform and checking out what you’re offering to your customers, they will be more likely to pay after the trial period is over.


Restricting access to certain features for customers that choose the cheapest plan is also a bit of a letdown.

In summary

Final ranking: 7.8/10

SERPwoo is a very effective rank tracker, especially when it comes to tracking your competition.

It’s fast and accurate and displays information you won’t be able to get elsewhere. The advanced level at which this tool performs certainly justifies not only the price but other small imperfections, as well, that you’ll have to overlook.

The fact of the matter is, this platform allows you to overcome your competitors, thus gaining you more revenue. Not many other trackers can do this for you quite so easily or skillfully as SERPwoo.


SERPwoo is so much more than just a tracker. The main benefits are:


  • Online reputation management
  • Alerts on competitor rankings
  • The option of investigating and monitoring your competition
  • Double confirm accuracy
  • Innovative, non-traditional approach
  • Graph format of information display that facilitates transparency



Of course, as always, there are some downfalls to be considered. While this platform certainly has multiple advantages, on some levels it is lacking:

  • Only monitors Google search engine, and has no intention to expand the search engine list
  • Offers only a limited number of countries to choose from for tracking
  • Doesn’t offer integrating other account information (for example Google Analytics)
  • Pricing plans and the free trial
  • Data gathered can be difficult to interpret to end users who aren’t SEO professionals


Overall, this platform is a tool worth not only the money but the time it takes to get a firm grip on all the tools and features as well. It has a lot of satisfied customers and is furthermore constantly evolving and improving.

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