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TubeTrackr Reviews

TubeTrackr – A Review

YouTube rank trackers are slowly but surely making way for themselves on the market.

The need for tracking and, thus, knowing how to improve the ranking of your videos on YouTube is steadily growing. Therefore, a number of rank trackers are starting to include YouTube rank tracking as part of the services they offer.

That’s not all, of course, as the market is almost overflowing with programs devoted to that feature alone.

So, if you are in need of a YouTube rank tracker as a solitary service, worry not – the choices are abundant.

But, as with any rank tracker out there, the question is – which one to choose? We decided to take a peek under the hood of some of them, see how well they perform, and what kind of a quality-price ratio they offer.

On today’s agenda –


TubeTrackr – a step by step guide to a bigger audience

For YouTubers, and all the other people who use YouTube for promotional purposes, but don’t like to call themselves that, the ultimate goal is gaining more view, likes, and subscribers.

It doesn’t matter if you are promoting yourself, a client or your services. Either way, it’s important to know where you rank and do your videos pop out when people search YouTube for specific keywords.

Knowing where you rank and how you fare against your competition can help your business immensely. This knowledge can help you optimize your content, attract more customers and generate more traffic.

A YouTube rank tracker, such as can help you with that.

Considering that videos are the best way to captivate your audience, as they themselves say, TubeTracker has set a goal of boosting your YouTube marketing.


Range of features 9/10

TubeTrackr offers to help you with:


  • identifying opportunities
  • facilitating the viewers to find your videos
  • adjusting the title, description, and other parameters
  • increasing your rank
  • finding videos and channels with similar audiences
  • tracking your performance ranking
  • optimizing your content
  • your entire YouTube marketing strategy


With TubeTrackr you can:

  • Monitor and Track

Track videos for any keyword and monitor YouTube metrics of your videos

  • Analyze and Customize

Find and spy on your competition, as well as find opportunities to improve your rankings.

  • Brand and Optimize

Create, design and compare your videos.

  • Promote and Colla

Find influencers, videos where you can add your links, and find videos and channels with an audience similar to yours.

Tool performance 8/10

This rank tracker urges you to take advantage of the organic traffic – when people reach your content without you promoting it.

But, with organic traffic thing aren’t always black and white. You can improve your content, titles, descriptions, and keywords to generate more traffic and, thus, more likes and views. With the help of their tools, of course.

Getting started

When you subscribe to their service, you’ll need to click on the “Toolbox” button in the top right corner.



This will direct you to your toolbox, where you’ll be able to navigate between different tools and features.


The features available will be on the left side panel, and you can easily go back and forth between them.


You might make use of the:


  • Keyword Tool
  • Collab Tools
  • Graphics Tools
  • Rank Tracking Tool
  • Monitoring Tool


Each tool has a couple or more features that will help you to achieve your goals, increase your traffic and, thus, gain more views and likes on your videos.






If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. This tracker is well equipped with tutorial videos, which is fitting, that will help you navigate the tools and features easily.


The first video you should check out is the Overview of features, a quick intro to get you familiarized with everything this tracker offers.


Keyword Tools


To start your YouTube rank tracking, you can utilize the first tool on the left side panel – the keyword tool. Here you can browse through the features:

  • Competition Analysis

With this feature, you can quickly check out the competition. Just type in any keyword in the search bar and the program will display the Top 20 videos for that keyword.


The program will also show you the duration of these videos, the number of likes, comments, and views they have as well as whether or not they have optimized content.

The videos marked with red color are optimized and therefore competitive while the ones marked with the green color are not.

  • Video Information

This feature allows you to view all the information on any video. By typing in the video’s URL into the search bar, you’ll be able to see all the information regarding it – the number of likes, dislikes, followers, comments and so on.


You can also add keywords to match your search, thus gaining more in-depth information about the competition.

  • Tag Extractor

This feature allows you to extract tags for any video – yours or your competitions’.

Collab Tools

This whole set of features is rare and unique, and can prove to be quite useful.


  • Channel search

This feature serves the purpose of finding other channels on YouTube with similar audiences as yours, for collaboration.

This can also be useful in terms of promotion. If you type in your niche market name (say offshore hosting, dog training and such) in the search bar and the program will display videos and channels in the similar area of interest.


This will also give you ample information on the channels in question – their rank, title, description as well as the number of views and subscribers.

  • Advanced Channel Search

The advanced channel search gives you even more in-depth information. To use this feature, just click on the “More info” button next to the channel you want to explore.


This will provide you with information about the website URL and Alexa ranking, an indication of the traffic the website gets.

  • Channels by Region

For a more localized search of channels with which you might collaborate, you can use the Channels by Region feature.

  • Links in description

This feature lets you identify any links that are present in the descriptions of competing videos. You can also enter a keyword or phrase in the search bar of this feature and search for videos in ranking order.


Then, the program will display all the links that those videos have in their descriptions and you can browse through them and find out where your competitors are advertising.


Graphic Tools


Graphic tools help you create channel banners and similar accompanying art. You don’t need any previous knowledge of graphic design or editing – the feature does most of the work for you.


This tool is easy to navigate and use, and it also has a Help button, in case you have any doubts.

Video graphics feature allows you to create cover art for your videos easily. You can also preview your work before publishing it.


Rank Tracking Tool

The rank tracking tool allows you to track the rankings for individual videos, as well as for videos in bulk and multiple channels.


This is a fairly advanced tool as it allows you to track entire channels or groups of videos on a daily basis, thus, enabling you to see any movements in ranking.

The added benefit is that you can see all this information for all your videos and channels on one page. Therefore, you are able to keep an eye on everything in just a couple of glances.


You can also add notes in order to mark certain rank changes that relate to, for example, some content changes you made.

The program also displays information on the:


  • number of views and likes for each video
  • title and the keyword you are tracking for
  • current rank
  • daily, weekly and monthly changes in rank

Monitoring Tool

This tool gives you a transparent overview of your whole channel.


It provides you with a summary of:


  • views
  • likes
  • shares
  • movements in the previous week

Accuracy 7/10

This is a very comprehensive tool that includes a lot of features and subfeatures, and, as such, gives an impression of a very reliable program.

There don’t seem to be complaints from users in regard of accuracy, and, considering that the program is quick and displays real-time data, the satisfaction level is, indeed, high.

Customer Support 7/10

TubeTrackr has a customer support page that allows you to submit a report or a request.


However, this is a third-party type of page, as it redirects you to a different website.

They also don’t offer live chat support, but, every feature has a Help button included.

User-friendliness 8/10

This program is fairly easy to use. It’s not really that convoluted, but, it has a large number of features available, which might be overwhelming at first.

But, every feature has a tutorial video that explains, in great detail, how to use it properly and what benefits it might bring.

Pricing 7/10

TubeTracker has a free plan, but it allows you to use just one of their tools – the monitoring tool.

If you want access to other features, you will need to subscribe to a monthly plan.

The plans are scalable and the prices are fairly reasonable.


There is also a one-time-use option, but, it’s pricey, compared to their monthly and yearly plans.

In summary

Final ranking: 7.7/10

Overall it seems this program is well worth your while. The number of tools and features it offers certainly justifies the price.

However, it doesn’t have a free trial, so you can really try it out before you buy it. Their “Starter account”, which is free, only grants you access to one tool, and you won’t have any idea on how the other tools perform before you invest your money.

The biggest benefits are:


  • allows you to track multiple channels and groups of videos
  • offers the option of doing all your YouTube marketing for you
  • offers insight and in-depth information into your competition
  • helps you boost your overall YouTube accomplishments

Some of the downfalls are:


  • no free trial period that would allow you to browse and try out the features
  • the program can be a bit slow when loading, especially when loading tutorial videos.
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