unlimited keyword rank tracking

Best Unlimited Keyword Rank Tracking Services


We investigated the top 150 rank trackers to find those who provide the most exceptional service and an option to track unlimited keywords. The most significant benefit of using these sites is that you can customize your plan towards your needs. Furthermore, they feature the pay-per-per use system. That means you will only pay for services that you actually use. However, all of these sites also have basic options for small businesses, and you can easily upgrade to a bigger plan once you expand your business.

10. SERPWoo

About the website

We decided to incorporate Serpwoo into this article because their service is truly exceptional. They feature both general and enterprise solutions. Furthermore, they will not only help you track your ranking, but also to improve your results, through their friendly user interface and professional customer service.

Unlimited keyword rank tracking plan:

Agency 4, 30k$/month

SERPWoo includes 1million keywords in their agency plan. It is a huge plan that features many other services. We believe that SERPWoo would be good for established agencies. Also, those who want to start with a small plan and upgrade when they require more keywords will also benefit if they sign up on SERPWoo.

Unlimited Plan Features

  • Full access to SERP and ORP (online reputation management) Analysis
  • FInd local SEO rankings through GPS Coordinates
  • Discover new web platforms and gain competitive advantage
  • Unlimited projects and domains
  • Access to SERP Archives
  • Desktop and mobile tracking
  • Free custom interface and personalized account setup

9. SERP Cloud

About SERP Cloud

The advantage of SERP Cloud is that it based the quality of its service towards SEO agencies, but also has cheaper options for general users. Thus, you can get the premium service even when dealing with a low budget. Furthermore, you can choose between a dozen different plans, rather than only three or four, which is the most common method in the industry. This website has a significant number of valuable features that will help you to finally get a high ranking on search ranking.

Unlimited keyword rank tracking plan:

Custom, 124$+ (depends on the chosen number of keywords)

SERP Cloud has a custom option in both Personal and Agency Plan. You can order a limitless number of keywords. However, you will have to contact the support for more price information. They will design a customized package for you based on your requirements, with appropriate discounts for big scale projects.

Features of the unlimited plan

  • Free trial option with no credit card required
  • The only rank tracker that offers Cloud and Email reporting (quickly reach your data through Dropbox, Google Drive, and Email)
  • All rankings are fully automated so you can check them at any time
  • Free Google Analytics integration
  • Full access to Social media statistics
  • Track your keywords for unlimited Domains
  • Add more users to your SERP account

8. Rank Watch

About Rank Watch

Rank Watch is an online marketing software, providing a high number of services in one package. Thus it is not surprising that they are a top choice for marketing agencies all over the globe. Of course, that makes them an excellent opportunity for other users as well, but the majorly professional customer base increases their authority. It is fully integrated with Google analytics. We recommend this tool to those who want to focus on growing their business by researching both competitors and potential customers.

Unlimited keyword rank tracking plan:

Custom Tailored, 100$+ (calculate exact price on site)

You can choose whether you want to pay on a monthly, six-monthly or yearly base. You will get a discount if you opt for a more extended contract, and you can save up to 1000$ per month if you pay a year in advance. You can pick how many keywords you want to monitor on the slider below the Custom Tailored plan. It will calculate the price based on those keywords. If you’re going to track more than 100k keywords, you will have to contact the customer support.

Unlimited Plan Features

  • Forecast your traffic and revenue
  • Measure your performance through customizable checkpoints
  • 14- day free trial option
  • Get hours of individual training for free
  • Pick between daily and weekly rank refreshing
  • Rank for unlimited domains
  • Monitor millions of backlinks and analyze your competitors
  • Free access to a personal account manager

7. Unamo

About Unamo

Unamo is a website that focuses only on keyword tracking. What we like about them is that they offer plans for growing teams, which means you will be able to update your plan when your business starts to progress quickly.

Unlimited keyword rank tracking plan:

Enterprise 900$+ (fully customizable)

When you sign up for the Enterprise solution, you will be able to customize the service based on your requirements and needs. The final price will depend on the keywords you would like to track, and you will have to contact them to find out more.

Unlimited Plan Features

  • Get daily updates for all of your keywords
  • Track your results on five main search engines
  • Compare your results with your competitors on both desktop and mobile rankings
  • Estimate traffic for your keywords, based on their search volume
  • You can track rankings for unlimited domains and campaigns
  • Free trial option
  • Used by many renowned companies, such as Menshealth
  • Access to all features with no restrictions

6. Web CEO

About Web CEO

Web CEO is a rank tracker website specifically designed for SEO professionals. They feature more than fifteen different pro-level SEO tools. Agencies can also manage their team through task management tools.  Nevertheless, they do have plans for other users as well. So, if you only want the top service for your business Web CEO would be a safe bet.

Unlimited keyword rank tracking plan:

Agency Unlimited 100$+ (price depends on chosen amount of keywords)

Web CEO features an innovative approach to pricing. When you pick the Agency Unlimited option, you will be able to calculate how much you will pay for the desired amount of keywords directly on the site. Furthermore, you will get an appropriate discount based on the final price of your monthly plan.

Unlimited Plan Features

  • Google updates tracking (Web CEO will notify you about any changes in the Google algorithm that may affect your website)
  • Access to the Dangerous Competitors Finder feature that will list your biggest rivals
  • White-label SEO tools, support & training
  • Unlimited keywords, projects, backlinks and page audits
  • Unlimited SEO leads every day
  • Website rankings on more than 370 global and local rankings
  • Access to all advanced features

5. Mondovo

About Mondovo

Mondovo is a popular choice for individual entrepreneurs and SEO agencies alike. They are one of the sites that offer other tools together with rank tracking, such as backlink analysis and website audit. Furthermore, they are cloud-based so you can reach your data from any device with no download or proxies required.

Unlimited keyword rank tracking plan:

Customizable 100$+ (depends on the desired amount of keywords)

The custom plan from Mondovo allows you to choose exactly how many keywords you want to track and research. Furthermore, you will get unlimited access to other services they offer as well.

Unlimited Plan Features

  • See your overall performance through the year with the Historical Performance Analysis feature
  • Get estimated traffic for all your keywords
  • Detailed search results for each keyword, including images, videos, map results and local search
  • Full access to all functions, including white label reporting
  • Choose between daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Track unlimited domains and subdomains
  • Test the service with the free trial option

4. SEO Monitor

About SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor is a tool that features a somewhat unique approach to rank tracking. They do that through their topic explorer product, which focuses on the topic, rather than the keyword itself. In the time when most profitable keywords have thousands of competitors, being able to find an alternative option with the same value is a feature every website could benefit from.

Unlimited keyword rank tracking plan:

Customizable, 300$+ (the price varies on the number of websites and keyowrds tracked)

SEO Monitor features different sliders on the website, where you can pick how many sites you have and how many keywords you want to track. For example, if you pay 300$, you will get full access to all services + 7000 keywords tracked for your website. The more you spend, the more keywords you will be able to track. However, if you want to track more than 100k keywords, you will have to contact them, for a tailor-made plan and an appropriate discount.

Unlimited Plan Features

  • Full access to their innovative keyword tracking
  • Enjoy regular updates in their algorithm and use of only the latest technologies
  • More than 20 different features in keyword research and tracking, competition insights, organic traffic, and other categories
  • Free 14 day trial with no credit card required
  • The plan is fully customizable

3. SEO Effect

About SEO Effect

Seo Effect features a high number of SEO tools which makes it is a good option for those whose needs go beyond keyword tracking. However, this doesn’t influence their keyword tracking negatively. It is just the opposite: their excellent understanding of various SEO factors increases the quality of their rank checker to a great extent.

Unlimited keyword rank tracking plan:

Agency, from $299 (need to contact customer support for precise pricing)

SEO Effect features the Agency plan for those who want to track unlimited keywords. However, you will have to contact them to get the details of their deal. The end price will depend on how many keywords you need to track.

Unlimited Plan Features

  • Get ranking for five most significant search engines
  • Free test drive option for those who want to try out the service before making any purchases
  • 255 country-language combinations, perfect for multi.language projects
  • Log every URL of your website, rather than just the most popular one (unlike with many other service providers)
  • Focus on high traffic keywords with the least competitors
  • Link building and Online PR are included in the price
  • Analyze and monitor up to 20 competitors
  • Mobile and Desktop SEO

2. Data for SEO

About Data for SEO

Data for SEO differs from other services on this list, as they mostly aimed their tools towards SEO agencies and companies. A significant number of SEO companies state that when they fused their service with Data for SEO, their work efficacy improved a lot. However, this tool can also be used by those who don’t own an SEO agency but require extensive keyword data. Furthermore,  the team behind Data for SEO offer exceptional customer service, a stable system and only fresh and accurate data.

Unlimited keyword rank tracking plan:

500$ – 5000$+ (read below for details)

On data for SEO, you can choose how much you want to pay for your plan yourself.

Once you invest the desired amount of money, you will get a certain amount of credits. The more you invest, the more credits you will get for each dollar. For example, if you spend 500$, you will be able to track 500 000 keywords. On the other hand, if you invest 2,500$, you can monitor almost 4 million keywords. There is no limit on how much you can spend.

Unlimited Plan Features

  • Easy to use tools
  • Free training for beginners through Skype or Email
  • All devices, including mobile, are supported
  • Free trial option with no credit card information required
  • There is no contract, which means they will not automatically renew your subscription each month
  • High-speed tracking with 100% accurate results
  • Different prices for standard and high priority keyword tracking
  • You can also find new keywords, for less than a dollar for every 1000 keywords found
  • There is also an option for those who need keywords for their e-commerce website

1. Topvisor

About Topvisor

Topvisor is a rank tracking website offering both free and paid tools that will improve your rank on search engine. Their services are fully customizable, which means you can choose the preferred search engines, location, language and device you want to track. Furthermore, they have a 24/7 customer support so you can reach them at any time if you have any concerns or questions.

Unlimited keyword rank tracking plan:

XL, 599$ (possible to purchase more credits)

Topvisor has a unique payment system. Once you sign up for one of their plans, you will be able to use the money you invested to buy services you need at the moment.

For example, if you buy their XL plan, you will pay 0.09$ for each 100 tracked keywords. That means you will be able to track 600 000 keywords through this plan. However, we listed it between unlimited services, because there is no limit on how many keywords you can purchase.

Unlimited Plan Features

  • Track keywords for both desktop and mobile devices
  • Find keyword position for any custom location in multiple languages
  • Discover and analyze all your top competitors
  • You can track an unlimited number of domains and subdomains (such as Facebook or Youtube)
  • Quickly compare your results with your competitors
  • Find the exact search volume of each keyword you track
  • A free trial option will allow you to test their services before your purchase
  • 40% discount on all services when you sign up for the biggest plan.