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Not that long ago, you would use only the regular search engines to look for the information, product or service you need. Even if you were looking for a video, you would turn to Google, Bing or Yahoo, or whatever other search engines you prefer.

When it comes to searching videos, that is not the case anymore.

Right now, it’s more common for people to go directly to YouTube. This can only mean one thing – YouTube videos are now subjected to the dreaded SEO rules we all must follow in order to have better rankings, traffic and, consequently, sales.

YouTube has its own search engine and is the third most visited website in the world. So, if you have a YouTube channel where you post content or promote your business, it’s important to know where exactly you rank.

If you know where you rank, you can improve your rankings by optimizing your content, using different, more effective keywords and key phrases.

Choosing a YouTube rank tracker

Let’s say you have a YouTube channel that you use to promote your shoe sale business.

So, you are using social media to promote yourself, as you should. You’ve figured out that by using clever, short videos packed with content and information, you’ll attract more customers than with a written text on, let’s say Facebook.

But, when you type in “shoe selling” in the YouTube search bar, your channel doesn’t show up. In fact, you don’t even know where you rank at all, let alone where you rank compared to your competitors.

That is exactly why you should use a YouTube rank tracer.

There are some good, quick, and easy to use rank trackers out there. Some of them are even free, which means a lot to a just-started business.

You can, of course, use some rank trackers that have the option of tracking YouTube videos as part of their feature selection. On the other hand, you can opt for a program dedicated solely to tracking videos on YouTube.

One of those is We decided to give it a twirl and see how it works.

Range of features 4/10

Now, bare with us, this YouTube rank tracker is very simple and rudimentary.

But, it’s free, so, keep in mind that you can rarely have your proverbial cake and eat it too. What you pay for is what you get, therefore, if you’re getting something for free, don’t expect extravagant features and fancy design.

So, the YTRank has only a couple of pages on their website:


  • YouTube rank checker page
  • Instructions page
  • Contact page
  • Privacy policy page

As you can tell, they only have one feature – YouTube rank tracking. This means that they cater to needs of small end users. If you have a huge business and multiple different channels and videos, this probably isn’t the rank tracker for you.

On the other hand, if you have a business like that, you probably don’t have to stretch your bank so much, and you aren’t on the lookout for a free rank tracker.

Tool Performance 6/10

Due to its rudimentary design and only one feature, YTRank is very easy to use.

Getting started

When you visit the YTRank website, you will land on the YouTube rank checker page by default.

There, you can insert your:


  • URL
  • keywords
  • target country

Next to every one of these options, you have an info button, that will provide you with a bit more information on what you need to type in.

If you have any additional worries or doubts, you can always check their Instructions page.

Adding URLs

So, in the first row, you’ll want to type in the URL of the YouTube video you want to track. You can only track one video at a time.

Type in your 11 digit video ID, and move on to the next row.

Adding keywords

In the next row, you can type in your keywords. Make sure to separate them with commas. You can also copy and paste multiple of keywords from a preexisting list.

Keep in mind that you can only search for 5 keywords at a time. SO, you are limited in that sense, and you’ll have to reload the program and start over if you have more than 5 keywords, but, as the program is free, you really have to adapt to its limitations.

Also, you can’t do multiple searches for the same keywords for a certain video.

So, if you have an audience in two different countries – let’s say Belgium and the Netherlands – you can’t just type in the URL and keywords and then search two times for two different countries. You’re going to have to reload the entire program.

This is a bit of a letdown, especially for YouTubers that have an international audience.

As you can see in our screenshot, the instructions for the keyword input are hinted in the text already – you should separate your keywords and key phrases with a comma.

Selecting country

Due to the fact that every country has a different ranking, it’s very important to determine and specify where most of your audience is located.

So, you can select any country for a comprehensive list.

Like we mentioned before, you are at a slight disadvantage if you have an international audience.

If your traffic originates from several different countries, you have no way to check the ranking results for all of them, simultaneously. You’ll have to reload the program several times, each time typing in all the previously added information and selecting a different country.

Ranking overview

The ranking overview is simple and transparent, just like the rest of the website.

When you type in the URL, keywords, and the target country, you will get instant data on the rank of your video.

However, you’ll only get information on the page your video is located on and the rank position.

You won’t have access to an overview of statistics like the number of comments, likes, views etc. Some other YouTube rank tracers offer this kind of information overview, and since it’s useful to have all that data presented to you in one place, it’s a bit of a letdown that this rank tracker doesn’t have that feature.

Although this information is scarce it can still be very useful.

For example, even though you are limited to 5 keywords per video, you can see for which keywords you rank higher, and which of them are too broad-meaning to land you on the first page.

The program explores the YouTube search engine results as a user of the country you have specified for each of the keywords you have typed in and shows you the results of that distinct search.

If your video isn’t showing up when a certain keyword is typed in, you’ll see a sad face in the “Position” column.

Accuracy 8/10

This program has no problems with accuracy, especially when it comes to searching as users from the most populous and popular countries like the USA, UK and such.

If you search for target countries that aren’t as prominent, the search will take a bit longer, though.

This is probably due to the fact that it only displays the data on two fronts – the ranking page and position. It can’t really be off when it comes to accuracy when it only searches for and displays such a small amount of simple data.

Customer support 6/10

Surprisingly, there is customer support available. If you run into a problem that you can’t solve with the help of the “Instructions” page, you can contact the makers of YTRank.

If you check out the “Contact” page, you’ll be able to send an email in which you can explain your problem. The creators promise to provide you with an answer within 24h.

User-friendliness 10/10

As user-friendliness goes, this is a very favorable rank tracker.

Anyone can use it due to its simplicity. It is very elementary and has very little options, so you can easily manage it.


This program is free and unlimited in the number of videos and keywords you can search for. That is, provided you reload the page from time to time, due to some limitations we’ve mentioned.

In summary

Final ranking: 6.8/10

Overall, considering that this is a free program, we have to give it a thumbs up. You don’t really get much, but, what you do get is quick and accurate.

The biggest benefits of using YTRank are:


  • it’s free
  • provides quick data
  • easy to use and navigate
  • simple design

Some of the downfalls are:


  • a bit too simple, only offers information on the rank page and position
  • doesn’t provide information on the number of likes, dislikes, comments etc
  • you can’t search compare results between countries
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